Steemit open mic - Week 80 Cover Summertime (Jazz) by @moccamonica

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Steemit open mic - Week 80 Cover @moccamonica

Summertime (Jazz)

Hola a todos, mi nombre es Mónica. Esta es mi primera entrada al concurso #openmic patrocinado por @pfunk y @luzcypher. Adoro esta iniciativa desde que la conocí y espero poder continuar participando y apoyando de todas las formas posibles.

Canto desde hace 7 años, aproximadamente, me he desempeñado profesionalmente en distintos coros y orquestas. Actualmente soy solista de la Big Band Jazz del Zulia (Venezuela).

En este performance verán al maestrísimo @Mayneth (Piano), Oscar Velázquez (Bajo) y a mí @moccamonica (Blue voice)

Hello everyone, my name is Monica. This is my first entry to the #openmic contest sponsored by @pfunk and @luzcypher. I love this initiative since I met it and I hope to continue participating and supporting in all possible ways.

I have been singing for 7 years, I have worked professionally in many choirs and orchestras. I am currently a soloist of the Big Band Jazz of Zulia (Venezuela).

In this performance you will see the masterful Mayneth Espina (Piano), Oscar Velázquez (Bass) and me @moccamonica (Blue voice)

¡Muero por ver sus comentarios!

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¡I'm dying to see your comments!

If you want to know more about the contest enter the following link Steemit Open Mic

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Your music just blew my mind. I don't even have proper words. Congratulations on your first open mic entry! Vocals, keys, bass.. ALL of it. Goosebumps over here and trying not to fall out of my chair.

Much love!!
Please share more music,
Love, serena ♥


Thank you <3 I will, Serena. It's so nice to meet you!

What an awesome voice!!!

Soooo good! I love the jazz vibes. Your voice is golden, and the keyboard and bass come together so well too! Amazing first entry, you deserve to win the whole thing.

¡Tan bueno! Me encantan las vibraciones del jazz. Tu voz es dorada, ¡y el teclado y el bajo se juntan tan bien también! Primera entrada increíble, mereces ganar todo.


I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you!

Wonderful singing and a wonderful backup on bass and keyboards!


Thank's i really appreciate it

This one's very amazingggg! 😱 the piano, the voice its so clean! Amazing indeed.


Then you are a blue person too? That may explain some things jajajajaja ❤ thank's

Your voice oozes soul. Got the chills and goosebumps.
I'm crying right now. It's so rare to see jazz openmics. And one that's truly beautiful.
Please share more of your music.


¡You give me butterflies!


Congrats for winning the openmic contest :) Awesome job!
That's a double win for you - an openmic spot and a curie. You truly deserve it.


YAAAY thank you so much 💙

Beautiful smooth voice with just the perfect vibe and excellent supporting band. Good luck.


That means a lot comming from you. THANK YOU


Aww thanks. Some if us are rooting for you!! 💖💖💖 Good luck. I do not think I have time to record one this week, maybe next. Great entry. All the best!

Sounds so good you guys and your voice is captivating.



Thank's @luzcypher this contest is amazing. I'm glad to join.

Me gusto mucho. Linda versión y tienes un voz muy dulce :)


Es un placer, Carlos. Es bueno conocer buenos músicos por aquí ¿eres del Zulia? Agradezco mucho tu apoyo.

Thank you, @paintingangels, for pointing me in this direction! I loved this so much, I decided to feature it in my Tarot Tuesday post today! Can't wait to hear more of your gorgeous voice, @moccamonica!

Oh, and - tip!


Thank you so much ❤ It means a lot


You're very welcome! 💜

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Than's for the support! I will read more about it

This is awesome!!! This is the first jazz performance i am coming across on this platform. Always thought i am alone in this(as a jazz lover). Welcome ma'am. Upvoted and followed. Please check out my reharmonized version of paul desmond's take five. Will be glad if you follow me so together we can put lot of jazz on steemit as a whole. Much love from @paulove.


And of course. Long life to jazz! I enjoyed it! Upvote and followed too.

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Really? THANK YOU i will vote, count on it!

Amé este cover incondicionalmente, sobre todo porque la canción que escogiste es un tema que adoro y escucho con una frecuencia casi diaria... y con tu cadencia la interpretas de una forma hermosa... me enamoró :3 ¡Excelsior!


Daniel muchas gracias por verlo ❤ me alegra que te haya gustado.

Queeee voz... genial amiga mía... Éxitos!!!


Muuuuchas graaacias @abcvivir


Thank you for reesteam. I saw your work too and it sounds amazing. I'm following you rigth now!!


You are welcome and thank you. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Monica, WOW! What an incredible vocal performance! Nice!

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Amazing !

Lo mejor que he escuchado hasta ahora y hay talento aquí, pero eres extraordinaria, aplausos, te felicito y a tu banda igual, pues entre todos hacen una simbiosis que hace posible tanta magia. También canto por eso los encontré, excelente.


¡Muchísimas gracias. Carolina!


sigue así, espero oír más de ti con tus músicos, saludos

La acides llego a tu post :D se feliz y muy bonita voz.


GRAAACIAS de verdad ❤ aprecio muchísimo tus buenas vibras!!


Engaging singing and great musicians behind you! Good luck for the competition!

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Thank you. Of course i'm interested! I will join you ♥

You have made my judging list so much easier to make, thank you truly, you have a fantastic voice and your pianist and bassist were great


Omg really?! It's unbelievable all the support that i've found in this Community. I don't know how to pay that. THANK YOU SO MUCH


You're very welcome, so glad you have found us all too. You are so welcome here, and hope you stay.

Chama que voz tan espectacular tienes! te felicito muchísimo!
me llena mucho que los venezolanos demostremos que somos
gente con talento, un gran abrazo y felicidades!!@moccamonica

Hey brutal esto, no sabias que andabas por steemit jajajaja participa en mi concurso #pitchperfect :D


Andie!!! claro que si. Esta semana envío algo.
Empecé la semana pasada apenas ya había visto tu concurso pero no tenía chance de grabar para todo jaaajaja

As I have stated before, this was a great cover entry. You are bringing some really good music into the Open Mic @moccamonica

I have included you in my Judge's List for Week 80
Please read the full review here


Thank you so much ❤ I had read it before. Upvoted and reesteam. I'm so grateful. THANKS AGAIN


You're very welcome. Congrats again. Sorry for the late reply lol

Congratulations guys!


To see the top 5 winners click here ==>Steemit Open Mic Week 80 Winners See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week --- by @luzcypher

Hey esto esta increible, excelente trabajo


Graaacias! Ya te sigo

Amiga pero estas en la big bang jazz con razón buena interpretración que le das a esa tremenda pieza de summertime felicidades y ya veo que has participado en varios!!! @moccamonica

pffffff!!!! Increíble, estás a otro nivel, de verdad! Felicitaciones! Te ganaste otro seguidor.