Steemit Openmic Week 86: “Letters to God” (Boxcar Racer Cover)

in #openmic2 years ago

Hey guys! For #openmic week 86, me @johnbutler and @kayla.denise threw this little cover song together after an evening of BBQ and letting the kids play outside on our only day off work.

It’s a pretty simple song, and we haven’t played it in a long time, so we were just winging it while we had 5 free minutes while the kids went inside to play Mortal Kombat ;) It’s nothing special, but we took the time to do it, so we think that’s worth something! We always have a great time together and we love music!

Thanks as always to everyone involved in the openmic community for giving us an opportunity to share our music and to hang out in one of the best communities on Steemit!

follow melody.jpg


Awesome you guys!!! Andy and I played this together a few weeks ago when he had some spare time to jam. I always loved boxcar racer. It was awesome to see @kayla.denise play that uke again too!!!!

I know they only put out one album, but it was a good one that made an impact on a lot of us! Glad you and Andy got to jam it too! And that uke needs to make some more appearances. Ahem... @kayla.denise 😉😉😉

Yay @kayla.denise! I didn't know you played some uke! Great job guys! Love some Boxcar Racer!

Hey boys... very good cover... greetings from Venezuela my friends. Congratulations

Hey @yusmi! Thanks for listening! :)

Acoustic instruments in their natural habitat :)

Ha! Just as nature intended ;)

I had no idea this was happening until like two minutes before @jasonrussell hit record lol! I hadn't played ukulele in awhile.

Haha, he’s sneaky like that. It was fun! I was happy to see you get the uke out again and we need to do it more often!!!

Nice one.

Very nice!!!
Estuvo muy genial!

Pueden ayudarme en mi post de Openmic con un voto??

Can u help me, in my post of Openmic with a uptovote??? :D :D


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