Steemit Openmic week 86 - Flume (Bon Iver Cover) feat. Rici

in openmic •  last year  (edited)

This week I am in good musical company with the lovely Rici, the birds and the wind. We love that song and we enjoy singing it together a lot.

This is a spontaneous springtime mood recording. Can you feel the sun?

I accidentally mixed up the weeks and said number 85. But whatever. We had fun. :)

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Love this song, you guys... Your voices are a match made in heaven! Nice!


Thank you so much! Your comment lights up my day. Again. Love!!

nature telepathy!

big hug to both of you, you are so beautiful and I loooooove this song berry much.


Thank you cherry much mi Amor. 🖤

Looks like a beautiful day over there and your voices sound so good together. Love it!


Thank you so much @luczypher!
The day was perfect for jamming outside. Music and summer is such a great combination. :)

@melavie Your voices inter tangle so damn good you girls :) really nice spot on harmonies, hey Rici and little birds in the background


Yey! :)
This girl makes me so happy when she sings with me. Also she's such a sweet person. I will introduce you when I get her to the festival in Croatia. :)
Hugs to you!

  ·  last year (edited)

Looking forward to that @melavie :) you girls are so in-tune, I would love to sing with you girls sometimes , after the fest we can wander the south Croatia for a few days


Great idea! I'm so looking forward to that! :)

You both have good voice. Thanks for sharing the music video with us @melavie. Feels good.


I'm happy you feel that way. :) thank you for listening!


Welcome dear😎

Beautiful! Love the harmonies. And it’s always nice to play music outside in the sunshine! :)


It is indeed! :)
I also love the harmony we have together.
Thank you for listening!

Good job, you both sing very well together. And it looks like it was a beautiful day for it.


Yes it was! Thank you for listening! :)

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Done! Thank you for the support!


Super; Thanks for your support!

Yes, she is the moon, love the lyrics, love the way you two sing, full of passion and love.


Thank you so much for your words and for listening with your heart!