Steemit OPEN MIC Semana 92: SALSA (Timba) en Am con Solo de Marimba - Por Maximiliano Hernández

in openmic •  5 months ago

Hello, Steemit!

For this Open Mic I have decided sharing this performance of mine with one of the music genres I enjoy the most for playing. Timba is a variance of salsa and I play timba almost everytime I perfom with the tropical orchestras I play for.

I hope you enjoy this rendition and share your comments with me.

Hola, Steemit!

Para este Open Mic decidí compartir la ejecución de uno de los géneros que más disfruto tocar. La timba es una variante de la salsa y toco timba casi cada vez que me presento con las orquestas de música tropical que integro.

Espero les guste esta entrega y que compartan sus comentario aquí.

Youtube Video

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I had no time to comment my entry at your post, but I just did it. Hope you can go check.

Buena esa mi pana! Buen tumbao!