Steemit OpenMic Week 87 - original "Love Waits on Welcome"

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Steemit OpenMic Week 87 - original "Love Waits on Welcome"

Love Waits on Welcome

The roads made have led us nowhere
The homes built have never sheltered
No city has withstood the crumbling assault of time

It is old and tired and ready to return to dust
The exchange of ancient nightmares for the happy dreams of love
It is not lit with unreal light and night comes not upon it

I just began to sense something symbolic
of something which lies beyond
For what would I control but that which I distrust

words and music
by Mark
Austin copyright

inspired from "A
Course in Miracles""

from the Mark Austin
Band CD
entitled  "Moongliding
On Mars"

at your iTunes account here
Love Waits (B)

from the CD entitled "The Message is Greater than the Messenger"
an acoustic duo frontier with Jim Eger on guitar and Mark on acoustic fretless bass and your iTunes account here Love Waits On Welcome

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thank you, coming from one who can hear it :-)

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Excelente interpretación, muy buena canción. Te invito a pasar por mi Steemit y disfrutar de mi #OpenMic y si te gusta estaría muy agradecida con tu #Upvote

Saludos desde Venezuela, Nachy.


Gracious Amiga, mucho appreciation