Steemit Open Mic week 75 - Sin dormir - Rawayana Cover by @manurodriguez

in openmic •  last year  (edited)

Hey everyone, I have to say that this contest is completely pleasant, since I started I've watched most of the entries and I'm really impressed. There is a lot of talent in here, all of you are people that exchange your way of making art, because music is something that get out from earths, which is how art is made, and providing everyone carry on enjoying this contest, showing their passions, we will always have a good reason for staying here.

This performance was recorded this early morning, which is a song that belongs to the Venezuelan band Rawayana. I'm looking forward to showing my videos every Sunday. Anyhow I'm totally glad and although I do this just for having fun I hope that some people can enjoy what I do, I'm not a professional and I'm just living the music.

Thanks to whole the Open Mic team, all of this wouldn't be possible without your effort. @passion-ground, @luzcypher, @pfunk thanks for all!

Thanks to every people that are in here! Lets carry on enjoying this contest.


Los minutos pasan lentos,
pretendo viajar, a tus pensamientos
las horas se burlan de mi,
están jugando solas, ya no estoy aquí.

Acaso, nos toca...luchar.

La ciudad, no esta nada tranquila
Por eso no estas...
esta retando, nuestra historia.
Acaso, nos toca, luchar.
Acaso ahora, nos toca luchar

Sigo sin dormir, queriendo despertar
Ya no es mi culpa,
Es que en mis sueños, no lo voy a negar
Eres protagonista.


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Thank you very much! @joelle.stephi

no hay de que!

Excelente hermano. Saludos y mucho éxito!

Muchas gracias Bro! Lo mismo digo, me gustó tu performance esta semana! Un abrazo


Thanks to you my friend

excelente hermano me la vacile!
selassie i jah rastafari

Me alegra Bro, muchas gracias! Buenas energías.

Loved your performance, brother! Nice!

I'm completely thankful man. I hope to do it like this performance or even better next times.