You are too cute to be a singer ... go for modeling :)

That’s the dumbest comment I have ever read.

Like you haven't read yours after typing it :p


wow my god not chance for me this week hahah

Hey Lucy.. I wanted to let you know, if you haven’t already discovered, that the openmic contest has gone away. But there is now a new contest created by Krystle and Isaria, at @sonicgroovelive. I’m a talent scout for the contest and I would be an idiot not to come and tell ya about it. I know it’s been awhile since you posted, but maybe you’ll see this! First place is 100 steem, and entries are very low in numbers right now. You’d kill it!

It was a while since I posted but I've come back as I'm now settled in my new house.
I'll definitely check it out and thank you so much for letting me know!

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