Steemit Open Mic Week 99 - Cover of Satyricon's "To Your Brethren In The Dark"

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Greetings Open Mic!

This week I'm bringing you another cover from a Black Metal band from Norway. I worked on this song for about a week as it has a few layered guitar parts and coming up with a solo acoustic arrangement was more difficult than it sounds.

lyrics :

Forgotten days, forgotten thoughts
in the hour of chaos
pass the torch to your brethren in the dark

forever torn, forever gone
through the mirror, of despair
pass the torch to your brethren in the dark

Tomorrows dream, tomorrows gleam
its the burden in sorrow
pass the torch to your brethren in the dark

October sky, October leafs
and the silence, of nightfall
pass the torch to your brethren in the dark

These stories, distant and untold
These stories, of a world long gone

To your brethren in the dark

Nocturnal light, nocturnal cold
on the mountain, now star it
pass the torch to your brethren in the dark

Eternal flight, Eternal void
with the spirit of chaos
pass the torch to your brethren in the dark

These stories, distant, and untold
these stories, of a world long gone

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A big thank you to all the open mic team @luzcypher @pfunk @meno @soundlegion @verbal-d @krystle @passion-ground!

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Awesome job, sorry I'm just getting around to everything this week.
The acoustic modeling is awesome as always. Shared it with my buddy Fenris, again that's awesome.

Thank you \m/ <3
Fenris from Darkthrone?

He wishes he was that famous....
Here are a couple I pulled from his facebook, he used to be pretty hardcore.
fenris in Fatality! at The Haven.jpg
Fenris in Fatality! at The Haven2.jpg
Now he's reduced to this..... lol. Hope he don't see that.... lol I couldn't resist.
Fen my little pony.jpg

\m/ Killer!

Thanks Davood <3

Never heard of that band... but you sound absolutely amazing! I don't think people realize just how hard most metal is to switch over to acoustic! But you made it sound beautiful! Great job dude! \m/

Thank you @rockchickjen <3
It's a lot easier when one makes a proper sacrifice to our Lord Baphomet \m/ ;)

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