Steemit Open Mic Week 52 - Cover of Apocalptica's "Bittersweet"

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Greetings Steemians and Happy Anniversary to Openmic

It's good to be back again this week with a cover from this badass Finnish band. 

Here are the lyrics

 I'm giving up the ghost of love
And a shadow is cast on devotion
She's the one that I adore
Queen of my silent suffocation
Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny
I won't give up, I'm possessed by her
I'm bearing a cross, she's turned into my curse
Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny
Bittersweet, I want you (how I wanted you)
And I need you (how I needed you)
Oh, break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny
Break this bittersweet spell on me
Lost in the arms of destiny

I hope you enjoyed the song 

I'd like to thank and congratulate @luzcypher for starting and having such a successful community.

If you'd like to check out and download some of my own songs, go to



Well that is nice! Normally they break down original music for cello (like the metallica stuff), you did the other way around! That's a nice idea!

Thanks! It's all chords anyway right? :)

As far as I did a deep analysis in comparison between the original and yours there's nothing that botheres me yet:) lol;)

killer, thank you!

The two of you work well together. Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you my friend

Nice blend of voices right there. Good job guys.

Thank you very much

Great dude!, you daughter have a great voice!... You have original songs together?

I helped by writing some music to her lyrics and recording it for her a while back, about 2 and a half years. It's the only original she's written so far with me putting the music together for her.

Nice dude! sounds awesome! :D

man this is amazing , Loved Apocalptica , and you guys did a great cover , your daughter has a great vocal also , she did great vibrations .perfect !
i also like the way you sing , your vocal is great in this genre.
peace !

Thanks man, I really appreciate it and she does as well. I'm going to get working on those lyrics this evening.


thank you so much my good friend , also check discord , I wanna talk about a new music.

I sure will this evening

That was awesome. Your daughter has an amazing voice. And your harmonies were amazing. Dark song man.

Peace !!!

Thank you very much

Nice father/daughter duet... great harmonies!

She definitely is gifted, thank you man!

Thank you very much

Thank you very much

Well done!
Nice harmony!

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