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Greetings Steemit!

It's been a few weeks since I participated in open mic, but I'm on my way back slowly across the USA toward my New Mexican home and taking a break in Ohio. So here I am again with a cover from one of my favorite bands Tiamat. I forgot to bring my studio headphones, so I'm just going with the sound recorded on my camera. Hope you enjoy :)

While the rest of you are sleeping safe and sound
I'm on the run I'm on the wing
Climb the selling when the walls are falling apart
I'm the one to blame for everything

A substitute for God, a sacred muse
The hell with it, it's just a lame excuse
Everything I ever used I have abused

All I live for is my heaven of high
I'll be there when the sun goes down

Withered Jimsonweed a night on bad speed
This purple haze works in mysterious ways
Wait another day to wash my sins away
In another time, in another place

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Thanks for this beautiful cover @ik666
I think anyone can relate to this song...
All of us are different and we sometimes feel alienated from our surrounding world...
While everyone seems to be blended perfectly with this world... We don't feel to belong to where we are...

While the rest of you are sleeping safe and sound I'm on the run I'm on the wing
While everyone is sleeping... I'm just trying to fight for my way of life! Great song and cover! Thanks! ♥♥♥

Thank you very much <3
It seemed a very appropriate song to my life right now actually.

You play the guitar well and also have a great voice, I send you many congratulations and you keep working! You can go far :D

Thank you very much <3

Hi lk666,

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It sounds very good, I had time without seeing you here.
I hope you keep giving us more and more of your songs, I loved the song you chose

Thank you <3
I'll be back to more of a regular schedule after vacation.

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