Steemit Open Mic Week 140 - Cover Of Amorphis' - "Shaman"

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Greetings Steemit Open mic!

Over the years I knew this band was totally underrated and possibly my favorite band. I'm not the fanboy type TBH but I have to admit that this to me is the perfect band. Much of their music is based on the Finnish folklore of the Kalevala and this is one of those telling a story in song.


Mother wept for her son
She wept and sang
Anxiously pondered fate
His and her own
A sun's ray, in through the eye
Glimmered in the room of mind
Changing the woman shape
Sorrow fled her face
From the shaman into shaman
From the chimney a witch flew out
Shaman dived across the sky
Under her the woods and lakes
Till she saw the Northland gates
I've come for my son, where is my son?
I accept no lies, no falsehood or deception
I send you plagues unnumbered
Destruction upon your house
I lay to waste your treasure
I slay your fairest daughter
The queen of north told of the way
The road to river black
Impossible and incomplete
The path of no return
Songwriters: Esa Holopainen

Check out all the music from the Circle of Death Roster on Spotify!

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Nice post @lk666

Thank you \m/

It sounds too great, excellent sound and execution, I congratulate you !!

Thank you very much <3

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