Steemit Open Mic Week 122 - (New Original) Abhor

in #openmic3 years ago

Greetings Steemit Open Mic!

While I was taking a 5 day break from the internet and recovering from being sick, I did manage to write a new tune. I wrote this song while thinking on the state of humanity these days.


I found you waiting outside the door
This is not what you had in store
No tomorrow or yesterday anymore
The passing of time was just a whore

This blade that burdens me is a bore
As meaningless as grains of sand on the shore
Everywhere sick and everywhere is dying
No shortage of work for who you abhor

Oh I grow tired of this life

I hope you enjoy!

A big thank you to all the open mic team @luzcypher @pfunk @meno @soundlegion @verbal-d @krystle @passion-ground!

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Amazing! great lyrics and great performance!

Thanks brotha <3
Very happy you enjoyed \m/

I can surely relate to that state of frustrtion

No shortage of work for who you abhor

In venezuela we have her working overtime

Thank you!
I'm very sorry to hear, read, and see of what you guys are going through down there. I truly wish I could wave a wand and make it all go away and the whole world would live harmoniously. Stay strong and know that you do have my best wishes for all of you <3

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
I know there are good people in this world.
They are the only reason this planet keeps rolling.
I think we owe artists more than we are willing to acknowledge.
They are our source of strength to believe there is a tomorrow and a better world is possible.

You're very welcome &
Damn Straight!

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