The Sounds Of Steem - Live Music Concert Volume 4 - Starts In Under 8 Hours!

in openmic •  9 months ago

I am thrilled to announce we are going in for round 4, I'm talking about the most amazing live music concert on steemit to date!

I co-host this awesome event monthly with the brilliant @isaria and @aggroed, this time I thought we'd bring on some extra fun by getting @swelker101 in on the action - he is always such great fun during the weekly Steemit Musicians show, I thought we needed to make him a fixture of this event as well!

We have hosted this brilliant event three times in the past and each time it just keeps getting better, I have extremely high hopes for this concert - with some exciting new faces and voices joining us, along with some of the original talents that made this what it is.

It's a little hard to believe that it has been four months since we started doing these concerts, it has all gone so quickly and it's just been an absolute blast getting to relax at home - whilst your going off listening to some truly next level musicians, just kick some serious ass.

We decided to mix things up during this latest contest, changing the time back around 12 hours - we did this to allow some other musicians a chance, given this is a world wide event timezone's are an issue for some.

This means this will be my first concert not starting at 2 am in my local timezone here in Aus, but it does mean I will be spending my mothers day morning at a music concert.

So to be fully honest I am quiet frankly stoked, what a bloody awesome mothers day gift - I already promised to have some drinkies with @isaria (that was before I realised what time it would be starting, but a promise is a promise ;) ) and what more could I want than to hang with great friends, listening to some amazing music?

Now I want to give a massive shout out, to the phenomenal musicians that entertained our pants off last time round - don't believe me watch the video, people were throwing their panties in chat left right and centre!

@isaria and myself, with the help of @ausbitbank and @swelker101 - like to reward our amazing musicians with a little love after each of the concerts.


So again thank you guys so much, you do such an amazing job entertaining us - sending a little SBD is the least we could do!

So who's in the line up tonight? - Well we have yet another amazing line up for the show tonight, some of the brilliant artists are:


So strap yourselves in for one hell of a night people, this concert is going to be truly amazing - and best yet you get to hang out with the musicians, before, during and after the show!

I cannot wait to see you all there, it is honestly something I look forward to all month long - it has to be one of the best concerts around and not just on steemit, but in life generally!

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Great to hear the last show and play it to @marysemciver too!
Looking forward to this show!

PS. @shemaiahkaye can't make it to the show as she is working.

Hey @krystle
I've been so blown away by the support of this community for my music! MSP waves was the very first show that I played on back in February! Since then, my musical journey has been incredible! I've gained so many fans, collaborated with some amazing musicians and now have an immensely talented producers that I'm working with named Ma.De aka @d-vine & @JeffLeinwand
Thanks for supporting me and my music these past 4 months and enjoy the show tonight! I'll be in GMT dreamland as it'll be 3am here!
Cheers again ♥

@krystle,wow.. this is a great live concert .. i really like live music like this because music is my hobby, i feel happy to see them this amazing live music.thanks

It's very lovely tone which sounds good into the ear drum i support it @krystle @isaria @davidfar @nathankaye

wow awesome your voice.. i like your music

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Show was amazing. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to put this together.

I like your blog for my article is very support you in for a friend blog so are you friends let us mutual vote in the success of friends all the media steemit.

Congratulations @krystle!
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This post it has lot of information for us to enjoy great music. Thanks guys!

Awesome music.

I could enjoy it on replay at least :) loved your performance by the way :)

Greetings from Venezuela. I invite you to take a look at my first OpenMic post and support me: D and thanks in advance

STEEMIT OPEN MIC SEMANA 85 - Time in a Bottle by @maycorjerjes18

Thanks for the love Krystle! Sorry we've been kind of away from Steemit for a few days. Work has gotten a bit crazy and the last two days i've been in bed with a stupid cold which won't go away. Big hug to you and everybody else who's following/commenting!

Hi... my name is Jesus!!
I would like to ask your help ... Would you give me a like to my post?
is my first time in Open mic!! :D Thaanks