🎶 Open Mic Week 147 - My Top 5 Judges Selection 🎶

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Well this was a bit more of a quiet week, but even with a few less faces I was absolutely flawed by some of the outstanding quality and skill of our performers - you guys are truly amazing and I am so grateful for all you freely share with us each and every week.

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But without further delays, here is my judges top 5 picks for week 147 of Open Mic:

This week's top 5:

1st Place - @mariajruizb - UN BESO

I just adored this performance from the moment it started, perfect intro to the song - but I had no idea it would keep building like that and it just felt like a perfect fit, I especially love how you constructed the transition down so even then it still felt elevated.

This song feels so full of hope and happiness, I just couldn't help but bop along when you get to that chorus - you have yourself an addictive tune there my friends, that is a hook and a half (even without knowing the words lol).

That melody is just spectacular in every sense, you really just smashed it out of the park with this performance - displaying truly amazingly fantastic vocal range and control, brilliant vocal gymnastics with precision execution.

Especially that super high note, that was perfectly placed and you transitioned into the next notes beautifully - just brilliant set up and execution there and I had to mention it specifically.

The music is perfectly matched with the song, the music and melody go together like hand in glove - just an all round stunning creation and performance, you are both just spectacular and this is the perfect example of the level of skill your bringing to the table.

2nd Place - @davidsuarezms - Viaje a la Paz

I don't often place instrumentals alone in the top 5, that is unless they can match the overall performance quality and enjoyment a song with vocals can offer - well I am here to say that in your case you ticked all the boxes and absolutely smashed this entry with an exquisite composition and performance.

You created and set a mood, that changed and evolved as the song progressed - you displayed control and skill when adding small inflections and embellishments at key moments of the performance, creating a multi-textured feel that was all interwoven and belonging.

What is even more perfect is how the birds and general sounds of nature and life filter through the sound, but cannot distract or take away from the intrinsic beauty of the music - you created such a peaceful and almost transcendent piece of music, that builds and ebbs creating a movement within the sound itself and therefore the listener.

This is a truly beautiful composition, with expert precision and execution of delivery - with a stunning background setting and seeing you in and your instrument in it's entirety, this is special on so many levels and I just loved every second of it. I really hope to see and hear more in the future.

3rd Place - @joseacabrerav - Ya no me acuerdo

Man your voice is like liquid gold, just utter perfection on every level - you expertly display an amazing vocal range, but better than that you also show different textures and effects throughout the song to embellish different moments and emotions.

You never just sing a song, it is always a complete embodiment of the meaning of the song - you transport the viewer immediately into your moment in time, taking them on a journey that completely envelops them.

I just can never get over how brilliant your playing is, you never miss a note, never overpower the vocals, never seen to really need to acknowledge the thing is even there! - You need no other instruments, you create the complete experience all on your own.

But as always I just get sucked back to those liquid gold vocals, there is depth and tone that just hit you at your core - you are truly a gifted musician and an amazing guy, I am always so honored to hear the gift that is your music <3

4th Place - @origen1618 - Desencuentro

Wow you really captured my attention from the instant you started, it was such an emotive entry to the performance and it just drew me in - I absolutely love seeing a performance not just an entry or song, the difference is all in the delivery.

You convey so much emotion not only through your faultless playing, or your the depth and tone through your voice - it's also the facial expressions and showing the emotion behind the lyrics, your telling the story with all the tools at your disposal and that makes a true performance in my opinion.

Your vocals really do stand out to me, it's the emotion and delivery style you choose at different moments - you have amazing control performing demanding vocal gymnastics throughout, showing skill that seems to come as a second nature and requires little thought to execute just a raw natural talent.

I have really been loving your entries, my only draw back is I would like to see your face more in the performance (maybe even the guitar) you could try light in front of you and moving the phone slightly further back - this would help you further your connection through the audience, but I understand if your closer for volumes sake. Either way I am just happy to see your entries and hope to hear more in the future!

5th Place - @danieldedosd2 -

Firstly I love the bouncy feel to the beat, adding an up tempo almost positive feel to the song - I guess the message is positive kind of like an anthem for the right of all animals, I really appreciate a song with a great meaning or message behind it that also sounds awesome.

I love hearing the two of you together again :D you both just compliment each others performance so well, also have to mention that outstanding outro - the overlapping vocals and melody lines were just divine and expertly delivered, not to mention one of the hardest things to pull off live let alone right next to each other.

You guys just kicked ass with this song, though at times the tempo seems exhausting (as a singer I felt short of breath just watching lol, so well done on pulling that off so well) - the focus and control used to execute the breathing required for this song was beyond impressive, you both smashed it.

Then to find out it was an original I had no choice but to include you again this week, this song features a brilliant composition - and the stunning vocals with amazing melodies and harmonies, just perfect!

Honourable Mentions:

@drewley - Lights

See guys even with a few less entries in Open Mic this week, our entrants still pull out all the stops and just flaw me with how brilliant they are - I am blown away by how many amazing musicians we get here and I love you all so much for all you do with sharing your amazing work.

Don't forget to check out the tribes and new crypto available on steem, #palnet and #creativecoin are just two that work well for open mic - give it a go and see for yourself, it's essentially free crypto for what your already doing.

I wanted to take a moment to ask all our amazing musicians and their fans to please support the witnesses that support Open Mic and YOU, if you have any witness votes available please consider lending your support to them - so they can continue to support you each and every week!

Open Mic's New Discord Server:

I'd like to officially welcome you all to the new Open Mic Discord server, we have been open a little while now - with many of you having already joined.

But it's still a little quiet and I blame myself partly (I didn't know the world of crazy would set in just after opening it up and I just haven't been there to engage with everyone properly or promptly), I hope to remedy this in the coming weeks and months with some big plans we have in the works.

For now it's very hush hush, as plans are finalised and things evolve - you a can be sure you guys will hear all about it.

In the meantime however, there are heaps of amazing musicians already on there - it's a tool and you guys need to use it to get full advantage.

Ask a question, request a collaboration the world is yours - hell even just go in there and play around listening to some tunes in the jukebox room!

I will be trying to make myself more available on the server as time continues, so feel free to drop by even just for a chat.

Again a big thanks to @soundlegion, @meno and @verbal-d for all they do as judges, please remember to go and check out their top five selections each week and to @luzcypher, @pfunk and @ausbitbank thank you so much for making all of this possible - until next week.

Which was your favourite entry this week?

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always your words motivates my life krystle, this is a song important to me, remember my house, specially to my mothers, who always sang this song when she feels sad.

im thinking on record an openmic with my mother soon!.

I would so love to see you do a performance with your mother, that would be amazing :D

Thank you very much for your comment and your nomination ... I will try to follow your recommendation on the image ... For this week ... Really thank you very much ...

No worries at all, I just want to ensure you get the absolute most out of your entries - I think this will help you make more of a connection with the audience, looking forward to hearing and seeing more soon!

Muchas gracias por esas palabras tan alentadoras, @kristle, me hiciste llorar mucho, verme alli en primer lugar leyendo tu comentario, me llena el corazón de alegría, amo la música pero mucho, y no te imaginas lo triste que he estado semanas atras en donde estuve ausente por no poder cantar, por ahora estare en un registro medio hasta que logre estar en mi registro de voz real , pero sinceramente esto lo presente desde el fondo de mi alma a todo pulmón y fue un estreno despues de 9 años jajjajaja, graciaaaaas, Dios te bendiga . Saludos a todo el equipo de Openmic y aprovecho para felicitar a todos los que estan en el top 5 y a los compañeros que estan en mención honorable.

Well I am happy to have you back and I too know how devastating it can be to loose your voice, I myself have been without mine this whole winter - it's driving me insane lol.

I understand changing the register to suit your new range, but I have to say you came back with a vengeance and I loved every moment - you have an incredible voice even when reduced in range (I should mention it's only obvious to you, it doesn't reflect in the performance at all).

I loved that song and really can't stress enough how catchy that tune is, I can see people wailing out in their cars on the way to work to this song - a really great performance and song, so thrilled you shared it!

nice! so much talented people

Yeah there are some incredibly talented musicians in Open Mic, I love hearing their music - thanks for dropping by to enjoy it :D

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