Steemit Open mic week 99 'original' I FOUND CHRIST

in #openmic3 years ago

Music will forever be a part of my life and entire existence.
Here is another one of my original composition, the full song will be mastered and made available to the community soonest.

Forgive the little lag in the video, not sure why that happened.


You always say you're sorry
You never really care
You always find the best words
To tell your pretty lies

Uh uh uh

My heart belongs to another
It all belongs to him now
I'll never ever have to
Love another lie
Now I know what it means to be loved by a man


yours truly



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Hey, @klynic!
how are you brother!
I enjoy your music incredibly!
congratulations, thanks for sharing!

@nachomolina PRESENT!

Thank you sir

Lot's of potential here, brother...
The lag may due to recording in 44.1kHz vs 48kHz - it is a very common error...
I'm assuming you're just getting acquainted with some new gear, which I suspect is the reason for the crazy audio and video lag...

Yes I surely am.

It'll be perfect before I turn in my entry for the mashup