Steemit Open Mic Week 89: "Put Me Thru" (Anderson .Paak Cover) by @k0wsk1

in openmic •  8 months ago

Hello once again! I missed the open mic last week, super busy with school and work, but I'm back this week with a bangin' multitrack cover of one of my favorite Anderson .Paak songs!

The drums are suuuuuuuper out of sync, I just couldn't remember exactly how I played the drums :P I recorded this track in Ableton Live:


In the comfort of our messy but functional home studio!


I hope you enjoy this cover, I could have done a lot more with the mix and the video sync but I wanted to get in on this open mic! This was created over the past three days. This is the original track:

Anderson .Paak is one of my favorite artists right now, I would recommend checking out his album Malibu if you enjoy funk, soul, and hiphop:

Thanks for watching/listening, I'll see you next time!

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so very good


Thank you very much, @soundlegion! <3

Dude, your drumming was... Haha :D
But I really enjoyed it. Love Anderson .Paak, he's amazing!


That's what happens when you like a certain drum take but don't have the energy to learn every little weird thing you did to record the video :D I miss like 5 cymbal hits in a row LOL
Thanks! Ikr, I just saw him at Sasquatch :) His drumming and emcee-ing is insane. Photos and video here if you are interested (don't vote it, its old!):


Be right back, will definitely check this link!

Yes, you can multitrack as long as you di it just like you did. Awesome track. Love the lyrics and the vibe.


Thanks luz ❤️

Awesome production/performance... Nice, bro! I've been there before on the syncing dude, I feel you, man! :-)


Thank you very much @passion-ground :) Yeah, it's a chore. I just have to record drums with a little more intention I guess!

Hi k0wsk1,

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Thank you so much, friends at Curie ❤️

Nice work man, i really liked the vocal layering in there. Very subtle but super effective.


Thanks bro :) Really dig your entry for this week as well! Cheers

Nice work dude. Great to see more content like this appearing on DTube. Following along.


Thanks very much ❤️