Steemit Open Mic Week 89 - Just Try ( @nonomusic Original)

in openmic •  2 years ago 

Hey steemians!

I've been trying to get more and more people into this amazing contest, and actually decided to partner up with my good friend @nonomusic for this weeks entry. We recorded an original song from him in a session/type video. What your listening to is 100% live, but we did use some camera tricks to make this a bit more interesting.

For those of you who are wondering, we are both playing samples off of our launch pads, (those little squares you see us thumping on). Each square has a sound assigned to it through Steingbergs Groove Agent 4, so, while one of us is playing the beat, the other one is playing (launching) the chords and fx. If you're into these kind of virtual instruments, you should check it out!

As always, a big thanks to @luzcypher and the gang. You guys ROCK!

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Dang someone got to this first. Lol. 😎

se escucha fino!!! me gusta este estilo de música, me hizo recordar a EMPIRE la serie.

Very smooth performane. I love the midi gears. Really sounds and looks cool.