Steemit Open Mic Week 81 - (original song) 2 am in Pennsylvania - @johnthefelon

in #openmic3 years ago

Bars close at 2 am in Pennsylvania. I thought it deserved a song.

This is also called "A Drunkard's Lament."


What do you do in Pennsylvania
When it's 2 am and they won't entertain ya?
What do you do in Pennsylvania
When the clock on the wall can only betray ya?
What do you do in old PA
When they lock all the doors and send you away?
What do you do
When it's only 2?

What do you do when they throw you out
Into the still of the night when you still want it loud?
What do you do with your good beer buzz
When she's not your girl, but you wish she was?
What do you do when you've acted wrong
With a fresh young face, cuz you waited too long
What do you do
When it's only 2?

What I'd do in New York City?
I'd find another bar and get more shitty
What I'd do in New Orleans,
With the salt in the air and the Bourbon Street queens

Oh, what do you do in old PA
When they've called last call and say you can't stay?
What do you do,
Cuz it's only 2
What do you do
When it's only 2?

What do you do, when it's only 2?


very nice song my friend

you should seriously send this to Steve Poltz, we've exchanged an email with him before-- so he DOES answer stuff. Ask him to be part of his weekly songwriting club... (if you dare!)

btw, you seen this performance?

No, I'll have to check it out.

Welcome to the bigtime brah! You made it! Is this the most you've been paid for a song?

You should submit this song to the guys who write "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".
Now THAT would be awesome!

lol. I would if I knew how.

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I love the vibe of this song. I don't drink much anymore. But in my twenties, we used to buy a case of Milwaukee's Best, for the exclusive post 2am after party. Problem solved!

I hear you, brother. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks to everyone who upvoted my post. I'm glad you liked the song.

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