Steemit open mic week 45- Pinch (original song)

in #openmic3 years ago

Hey everyone! I know it's a little late but here's my submission for this open mic week. It's an old original of mine and I haven't played it in acoustic much lately but I figured I'd give it a whirl. Flubbed up a couple times but decided to roll with it anyway haha, hope you enjoy it!

If you like my stuff please follow me for more music and random whatnots, cheers!


Sounded great! I've always loved this song. Now I wanna play music!!! ;)

Thanks Mel!! This is the better take I went with lol. Always want to play music :)

Wonderful song, I really liked it .. Continue please.
Followed you and upvoted done
Have a look intomy blog, you may like any of my posts :-)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) following you as well!

Songs and melodies are captivating, I like that. Maybe you can teach me @johnbutler.

Because I really like the music.

I'm glad you liked it, thank you! I'm not a very good teacher do to playing backwards lol, but it's awesome you would like to learn!

Very cool song.


No, thank you! I'm glad you dig it :)

Very amazing, nice work , keep it up.

Thanks for the kind words!

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