Johannes Burghart - Bond over Distance (Original) 💞

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To be honest, last Week has turned out even darker,
as our Dog, Apollo, died in a street accident! 😌
A 10 year old AUstralian Sheppard, fit as a fiddle and the loveliest you can imagine 🐕

It left us speechless, missing and more sad every time we think of it.
Every Time youre coming home and nobody is welcoming you, every time you eat a Yoghurt and there is nobody to clean it 100%, every Time you are eating at the table missing that warm breathe to remind you hes still there....

Its a Lovesong I wrote in a cold Night on my Scandinavia-Tour.
Sitting under the cold Stars and in the endless Widths of Scandinavia, in a habour on my own just feeling overwhelmingly desire and lovesickness.
I guess the feelings are matching pretty well, as we just want Apollo barking at us...

A selfwritten Song called "Bond over Distance" !

Johannes Burghart - Bond over Distance

Im miles and miles away, seems my lips wont forget the taste,
I will never be the same, lost my heart, without I cannot live,
I hope, you keep it

This one last night was all we had, now I cant get you out of my head,
And I´d die just to go back,
In my car, with you.

And I would diiiiiie, Just to see you one more tiiiiiime,
All these years we´ve been so close but we were blind,
now that we found there´s - no letting gooooo oooh no

We sat and talked, we sat and sung,
Your hand was cold and mine was warm,
we wished so long for this to come,
then blue and brown were one.

And I would diiiiiie, Just to see you one more tiiiiiime,
All these years we´ve been so close but we were blind,
Know that we found there´s - no letting gooooo oooh no

I saw your sillouette in front of the stars, well all of you will be forever etched in my heart,
Those winter winds they had no harm, our bodies safe, under sheets in our arms

And I would diiiiiie, Just to see you one more tiiiiiime,
All these years we´ve been so close but we were blind,
Know that we found there´s - no letting gooooo oooh no

Let Us make some Love down here in the Comments! 📝💞

More about me..

In case you want to accompany me on my Journey through Europe:
Welcome to my Explorer-Team and the #Berlingo-Way-of-Life

Johannes the Singer-Songwriter touring Europe playing in every Country.
Collecting each Country in a song, with the goal to get an album of Europe.
Filled with Emotions, Storys and Adventures I made along my long Travel! 🌎⛺️🚐

johannes 2.jpg

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Sorry to Hear about all the story that happened !!

Sometimes Life shows us how short and unpredictable everything is.
Maybe a lesson to enjoy good Moments even more <3

yeah i do agree with your words ☺

So sorry to hear about your dog Johann. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to those furry family members. Love your song, so emotional.

It was the perfect Romance. New Love, Distance and Loneliness combined!
Sat like half a night in a habour of Scandinavia beneath the cold Stars and tried to catch what i was feeling and how much i missed her :) Indeed the Song with most Feelings ive ever put into a Song <3

You have a true gift. And, I love your lyrics.

Cheers Mom, really appreciate that one :))

Hi johannesburghart,

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That is awesome!!!
Curie, thank you so much for all your effort on here.
Finding creative and talented Stuff and supporting such!
Just Thank you <3

Sorry for your dog.And God u have nice voice and u r so charming.If u write this song then i have to tell man u r really talented. i feel the pain and u r also good geterest @johannesburghart

hey funnybones,
just saw the last episode of "13 reasons why" and it really helped me. how strange that may sound...they said "sometimes you love someone but need to let him go" this really kinda helped me :)
i really appreciate your kind words and a resteem is awesome my friend <3

Thanks i resteem it coz i reallly like it

i love this song so i resteem this post too @johannesburghart


Great song. But one unrelated question, is it so hot over there :)

It definitely is. Its like im mostly quite hot :p
Combined with the fact that i love playing guitar and singing topless is the result you mostly see on here...
Sometimes I just kinda feel i can be more emotional or honestly if i show up who i really am and stuff... would say weird-artist-stuff :pp

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