Johannes Burghart - Kids (Original) 🎼

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Wrote this Song like 3 or 4 Years ago. Telling the Story,
how I raised in an incredibly loving environment and became who I am today! 💘

Let Us make some Love down here in the Comments! 📝💞

Johannes Burghart - Kids

Those kids the played as they were 5 years old,
Don't mind the day, just mind the time,
When it got cold, they didn't freeze outside,
They had the party of their lifes, of their lifes.

One was a solidier in a foreign land,
And one a priest, one a child,
Hadnt been this parental call,
They gone on wild till sunday night.

Keep it in your heart,
Even it's so long ago
And safe us in your brain,
One day it will be again, again.

Three days awake our big, great goal,
Only few hours left,
And in the night somebody lost his mind,
It's like, walking a hill that's far to high.

Keep it in your heart,
Even it's so long ago
And safe us in your brain,
One day it will be again, again.

From house to house in our,
Black suits,
No sight behind the mask,
Our perfect world, yeah it turned so slow,
As it, spin´ around we lost our ground.

Keep it in your heart,
Even it's so long ago
And safe us in your brain,
One day it will be again, again.

I keep you in my heart,
Even it's so long ago,
And safe you in my brain, promise,
One Day it will be again, again.

More about me..

In case you want to accompany me on my Journey through Europe:
Welcome to my Explorer-Team and the #Berlingo-Way-of-Life

Johannes the Singer-Songwriter touring Europe playing in every Country.
Collecting each Country in a song, with the goal to get an album of Europe.
Filled with Emotions, Storrys and Adventures I made on my long Travel! 🌎⛺️🚐

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What a great the lyrics and your voice! I've been 'wandering' and so glad I found you :)

Hey Lynncoyle,
really appreciate your kind words! Yap Bilbo was right...
Sometimes its really worthy to wander around <3

Nice tribute to your upbringing, bro! Great song and performance, Johannes!

Hey Brother,
really appreciate your Reply! Yap just wanted to make a special Entry for the Number 88 <3
Hope you are well and really thanking you for all ur effort here :)
Yours Jojo

Buddy, thank YOU for having me :)
Just read your post, and Im not mentioned :p
anyway i really appreaciate your reply <3

hey mista' you most def are on my post. you are in my top picks list this week. I do 3 section breakdowns in each post. all my top picks for the week then I break those down to a top 5 and honorable mentions. you made the top picks list and are mentioned in there as one of my favorite contenders for the week.
huge love to you my friend, huge ass post hard to miss stuff. xx ;)

Hey miss' im there for sure :))
Hope you can excuse my hasty comment! And also Thanks for metioning me in your,
heavy ass valueable Post, really looking forward to yours and @passion-ground every Week 🙏🏽
I will hopefully find some space this Week recording another Original.
Busy working at my first debut album <3
Love, blessings and best wishes johannes

Oh! How did I not see this before! Love it

Hey Gaby, i promissed it :)
Personally i like the version from 3years ago better..

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