Steemit Open Mic Week 87 | Jon Bellion - Woke the F*ck up

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Hey Friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
its again early in the Week....
Hope you have such an amazing headstart into this Week as i had!
Already put my loved Martin a new shimmering pair of strings on! 🎸
I practiced some new Songs I'd love to play in the Streets 🌆

My Entry for Week 87 with "Woke the F#ck up" by Jon Bellion !
A Roughness like this in such an emotional and gentle Song...
Gave me incredible chills that I really had to play this Song myself 💘

Let Us make some Love down here in the Comments! 📝💞

More about me..

In case you want to accompany me on my Journey through Europe:
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Johannes the Singer-Songwriter touring Europe playing in every Country.
Collecting each Country in a song, with the goal to get an album of Europe.
Filled with Emotions, Storrys and Adventures I made on my long Travel! 🌎⛺️🚐

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Oh stahp! I am starting to have a crush on you dear. Good singing skills by the way! Nailed it darling!

Hey my Friend,
really appreciate your kind Words! I Think it fits my Vocal pretty well :)
If you had some peaceful Minutes an Upvote would be very much appreciated!
And I hope you know, I love your Travelblogs the Same Way! <3
johannes (:

loved your performance this week...mmm beautiful work. would love a track from you for the Steemit Artists Music Compilation volume 5

hey brother,
sooo good hearing you again down here!
Really appreciate your Reply and Esteem on my Music 💝
You are highly welcomed to choose any of my Videos on Youtube 100+

Or how does it work? Feeling really honored, to be asked to be on your Compilation V!

Hey Johannes! Good to have you back. As always, love your voice.

Promise! Next Weeks itll be an Original one :)
Hope you are Well Gaby!

ps. cant believe such a beautiful and talented woman commenting under my posts :))

Well, you are also a very talented guy! :) Have some faith on steemit. Put a little more love into it and you'll grow. Best of luck!

I definitely will Gaby,
I guess doing it steady week by week will somewhen add up to a nice audience :)
Steady wins the Race :) also having an "offtopic-channel" @jonskywalker !
Wishing you the Same,
take care xx

Use some original songs! Steemit loves original content! :)

Thanks for having me and hosting this <3 once more !

I like it man. Nice voice and performance 👍

thank you jesus, really appreciate it :)