Steemit Open Mic Week 80 A day to Remember - We got this (Guitar Cover)

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Hello everyone!

After 2 weeks of being absent today I return with my entry to the open mic week 80 with a current song from one of my favorite bands "A day to remember". The song "We got this" is from his most recent album titled "Bad Vibrations" published in 2016. The genre is characterized by the fusion between Metalcore and Pop Punk.

The particular thing about this type of music is its tuning which is in a lower tone to the standard tuning E. The tuning to play this song is in B.

I hope you like the video!



Tabs on Guitar from the Song "We Got This" ♫:

Tabs we got this.jpg
Tabs Click Here


Finally I want to thank the promoters of the contest that make all this possible @luzcypher and @pfunk.

If you are interested in participating here I share the post of the contest:

Steemit Open Mic Week 80

Thanks for watching the post!