Steemit Open Mic Week 70 Joe Satriani - Cryin’ (Guitar Cover)

in openmic •  10 months ago

Hey what's up guys!

For this week's open mic it is an honor for me to share a cover of a song by my favorite guitarist master Joe Satriani, which I consider the best, his music and guitar technique seem incredible to me, the song "Cryin'" is composed of a nostalgic and very moving melody. I never imagined that I would find a guitar tone similar to that of Satriani, making this cover was exciting. The song that I will interpret next belongs to the album "The extremist" released in the year 1992.

I hope you like!



Finally I want to thank the promoters of the contest that make all this possible @luzcypher and @pfunk.

If you are interested in participating here I share the post of the contest:

Steemit Open Mic Week 70

Thanks for watching the post!

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Thank you very much @luzcypher

Hi @joecha from @super-grand-ad

I Like your cover of Crying
I am upvote 2 and I have followed you
I have also resteemed this post to
My 800+ steemit followers

Good luck in the steemit open mic 70 @super-grand-ad

P.S. See my comment on your youtube channel


Hello friend @super-grand-ad I'm glad you liked my cover of joe satriani thank you very much for the support I appreciate your comment I thank you also for the resteem and for following me.

Ok I will go through my YouTube channel to see your comment. Regards!

Really great guitar work, Joe! Nice, man!!


Thank you very much for the support friend!

muy bien mi pana!! quedo al pelo.


Muchas gracias mi pana! que bueno que te haya gustado el cover.

amigo excelente tocas muy bien la guitarra :) espero seguir viendo vídeos así. saludos


Muchas gracias amigo espero poder seguir interpretando y compartiendo este tipo de musica. Saludos!

Nada mejor que una pieza del buen Satch!


Así es mi pana no hay nada mejor que interpretar una pieza del gran maestro Joe Satriani, su música y técnica en guitarra son increibles!