Steemit Open Mic Week 87 / Flies In The House (cover)

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Steemit Open Mic Week 87

"Flies In The House" (cover)

"Moscas en la Casa" (Shakira)

Greetings friends of Steemit! Especially the entire Open Mic community ... It is a great pleasure for me to participate again in this contest that every week the collective of our platform continues to make its way, in addition to that I do it accompanied by my beloved mother, @zorajr, who gave me the gift of music through God.

Another reason that moves me a lot is that it is the first code that he made in my life from my favorite artist, Shakira. I always wanted to play one of his songs, and if it is between family better.


@zorajr & @jhoxiris
Selfie by Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Choosing the theme was very easy, because for a week my girlfriend @jhoxiris and I distanced ourselves for work issues for the first time in our one year relationship. No doubt my days without her were so short of air, so full of nothing; they were unusable junk, trash on the ground, Flies in the House (Moscas en la Casa).

I know that the title of this song is very strange, but it is one of the most beautiful ballads that have been composed, and I do not say it just for being the number one fan of this Colombian girl. Without a doubt I dedicate this song to my beloved @jhoxiris, so you know how I felt and as a promise to try not to separate us again, even for a short time, since my life without her does not make sense.

The video in Youtube:


Que lindo Jesús, sigue así...

Felicidades, que permanezcan unidos, éxito.

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Buenisimo... Tus post inconfundibles. Pero me queda la duda.... como escoges entre tu mama y papa para que te acompañen en una canción. Se que ella toca guitarra y el cuatro pero hay alguna otra razòn.. _? Gracias por compartir.