Steemit Open Mic Week 100, "Angel of the Morning"

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Despite still not having my full audio set up working on my dedicated
Music PC, I decided to dust off an old song
(I should have practiced it More first methinks).
Went to a lot of trouble to set up this 'green screen" I bought last
Year, then discovered that the Open Source video software didn't work
On anything unless it was recorded THROUGH that software, THEN
Discovered that the software I bought a couple of months ago, did what
I needed done.

So here is me performing "Angel of the Morning" live, with some
Pleasant (I hope) video effects in the back ground

"Steemit Open Mic Week 100"

Angel of the Morning
Jerry E Smith

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks


Beautifully done, Jerry. I loved the video effects. You can sing for me anytime!

Thanks @cecicastor I would love to come sing for you in person.

I would love that too, but I think we had better wait until things settle down here a tad.

This is a beautiful song man :)) I really enjoyed listening to it! :D those low chords in chorus was amazing and your vocals sounds awesome!

Thank you for those words of encouragement @davidfar, you sound as if you've
Never heard the song before. I've known it for close to 40 yrs and played it
Almost that long. It IS a great song.

awesome job! :D I just didn't know where I have heard it. I searched about the song and I found out that it had much versions by different artists from 1967 till 2012 and I think I heard it in friend's series and also in some movies which also mentioned in wikipedia,_television_and_literature

Juice Newton's version was also great

Awesome job Jerry. I love that song. I just have to figure out what I'm going to try and pull off this week.
Still no luck on the property/project deal you sent me. Tried another avenue with another guy, but haven't heard back in a little over a week. I'll try and follow up tomorrow.

I've got several 'projects' (musical) in mind for the future.

This stuff around here is jumping, there is an 'imminent domain' hearing coming up; I think they are going to condemn some of the properties right along there to widen the road.
Other things are happening all over the place, demolitions and construction, now is the time to jump on the band wagon, if nothing more than to buy now while it is (relatively) low, sit on it for a few months or a year then sell to the highest bidder.

I'm dealing with some eminent domain stuff right now, on 3 properties. One will be completely gone, they want all of it except .12 acres.... Then they don't want to pay a fair price for any of it. The other two is almost 1000 feet of road front that they want to give nothing for it because it's "farmland."

Sue their asses. I saw in the news where one guy had a house he'd converted to
A business office, right on the street. He wants $2.5 million,
they want to pay him $300K, he said no, so now they've
Handed him papers saying vacate or pay rent.

One of ours was a business, They are actually leasing it for $1000 a month to keep us from renting it to anyone else. So I'm all for dragging it out a bit to negeociate.

Even more than your amazing vocals, I love seeing your smiling face, Jerry!

Sometimes it is not so easy to have an 'honest' smile to share with folks.
We often hide our true feelings and pain behind that mask, but in
This case, in that photo, the smile was honest. Thank you for the
Compliment and for the comments @ninahaskin
Both are deeply appreciated.

Nice cover of this classic, Jerry!

I could have played and sung it much better, but I had fiddled with getting the
Green screen in place as well as it was, which wasn't optimal, but by then I
Was tired of messing with it, so I barely practiced the song before
Making the recording. Thanks for the compliment
@passion-ground, but I should have done it
Better I've done it for years, but it
Has BEEN years. Needs Practice

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I'm deeply grateful for your support, and I thank you all very much.

I'm deeply grateful
For your support, and I thank
You all very much.

                 - jerrytsuseer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you @basilmarbles...interesting handle you have there, seems like
There might be a story behind it?

not much of a story Im afraid! Its my name :)

Very cool then, there was a character in mystery stories, "Ms Marples" so I supposed you are kin to her. ha ha

Please next time say thew words Steemit Open Mic week number (current week number) and your username at the start of your video. Thanks.


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Good Morning @luzcypher, I did, but the "Steemit Open Mic' part got cropped off a bit at the beginning, and my username etc, which IS there, is sort of hard to hear because of the birdsong.