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RE: Steemit Open Mic week 100 "Smrti" Czech folk song

in #openmic3 years ago

Bravo Shephard! I loved every second of it :D
Amazing performance right there from both of you.

I love that guitar you have! beautiful tones with a sweet neck! and great intonation.
I bet it has many storys to tell!!

Good luck man and all the best.


Thank you! There were some moments when we were "fishing" a bit, but we didn't even practice it once. We played it together I think about 6 weeks ago in our last jam. We both know a little different versions of it. But Vítek did a great job to adopt to my DADGAD version right there on the spot.
And you're right about the guitar. Many stories to tell, right now in the need of some minor repair, with capo on the 5th fret it was slightly buzzing. (that's why I put another capo there). But still the sound is very sweet. I love that guitar...

Ahh lovely to hear :D
Vitek sure was comfortable playing in that tuning. what a wizard to pick it up like that!!
I wish you and your guitar all the best man and sorry to hear about that fret buzz. I am always having problems with my guitar in this heat and it stops me from playing :(
Fret buzz, bad intonation, constant dirty strings from sweaty hands... ahhhh cambodia is not a good place for a musician :D

Yes, he is really good! We meet and play few times a year, so he is used to my style. We actually totally improvise 90% of the time.
I was changing strings yesterday and my tuning peg just broke. So maybe that was the reason for the buzz. Hope so, going to town to fix it today. Anyway, I am using "Elixir" strings. Very happy with them. They really last a long time, like 3 - 4 times longer. I use phosphor- bronze. They're more expensive but worth it. Last time I changed them was in January. Normal strings I change after 6 weeks, if I play real hard maybe 3 weeks or a month.
Oh Cambodia. That temple looks nice! I spend a lot of time in India. Quite a music scene there too. But the climate is tough.

Nice one shephard :)
Ahh Elixir strings,, i have played on them a few times but I find them super slippery to play fingerstyle with. They have a strange feel but geat sound.
It's great they last so long!
I have problems here with climate. My strings don't last two weeks because of the humidity. It's getting to me man... the wetness.
Not a good place to be for a musician.
I hope to visit india one day for a curry tour :)
I miss it so much :)

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