Steemit Open Mic Week #101 | "Lo No Mo" (Original Song) | Looping In Ableton Live

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This is a new track I've worked on in the past two days, its called Lo No Mo (read "Low No More"). I'm this looping in Ableton Live 10, and I'm using heaps of effects like Harmonizer, Delay, Distortion...
I'm uploading this vid today cause I'm guesting on the "Spotlight On The Artist" show on PAL server tomorrow, its an openmic special. Show is hosted by @d-vine @onemedia and @darrenclaxton

sorry...and I kinda had no time so I messed up a bit with the low light and the solo (second part) of the song, I hope you don't judge anything by that part ;)


We need to get up from this hard killing floor
Can't you see they've been using us all
To be exploited by this lonesome force
To be exploited by this lonesome force

And where the freedom is?
Nobody seems to even know what that is

Emotion or a lie?
I think we all know where the keys lie
To open our cages
Of mistrust
We have fallen
We need to get up from this hard killing floor
And be lo no mo
And be lo no mo

Screenshots From The Project


I'm using Ableton DAW to loop the track, there is numerous channels I usually use for my projects, looping is automatic and all of the channels have their own presets/EQ's and effects ready. I really prefer activating my loops manually but I do not have the midi foot pedals with me yet.


To create this lush sounds I used for this song mainly harmonizer to make it appear like the bass follows a guitar, since I cannot play it at the same time, but it is also a matter of guitar sound overall here, above is a solo guitar channel and below octave down harmonized rhythm guitar that acts as a bass.


▶️ DTube


jebeno! jel si tu stavio octoblue pedalu na gitaru?

Bok @pwego nije externa octo pedala, vec tri odvojena kanala u Abletonu, dva koja su na Wham! digitalnom octaveru, na ovaj nacin se producira svaka oktava odvojeno i stereo/spread se moze napravit

BIIIG UP!!! You are one rocking bad ass man <3
I am so happy to get to see you groove on video <3
Much love, respect & ultra huggins coming your way & to your family as well <3

Thank you for the love @d-vine 💗 you are ever so kind ✌
Hugs to Jeff and your son <3

You are so talented bro! That was fanstastic!

Thank you buddy @edprivat I'm glad you appreciated it ✌

If ever in the same room... LET´S JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!
loving it!

If ever in the same room @yidneth :) it will happen in the next years no worries ✌

I think I can get out of my comfort zone ;-) sounds like fun!

You can get out to whatever you want @yidneth :)

A very good surprise to see you live, your song is very avant-garde, that guitar riff is very well executed, I liked his style 70, greetings and success in the contest.

Thank you @betzaelcorvo I appreciate it :)

It is an excellent
theme song!
It has a well-defined style
and some incredible chords!
I like the rhythmic
throughout the song!
Great job

Okay! I will follow your work more closely!
What you do is excellent

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

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