STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 69 : "The Drugs Don't Work" By The Verve (Cover).

in openmic •  10 months ago

This is my first entry for Steemit Open Mic and what a week to begin…

Steemit Open Mic Week 69

The song I’ve chosen to perform for my first entry is a cover of “The Drugs Don’t Work”, a song by The Verve. It’s a wonderful song, one that many people hold onto their own meaning for what the lyrics mean to them. It's a very touching song and I feel it, boy do I feel it!

I performed this song yesterday at our annual “Spudda’s Palm Tree Jam” at MusicLand (Fawkner, Victoria Australia), and it was the first time I’d played it in many years.

The Palm Tree Jam, was an event that a dear friend, Spudda, used to hold in his backyard each year, and did so for many years attracting good friends and some great musicians. Under the shade of a huge palm tree, the BBQ would be cooking the snags while everyone enjoyed the tunes coming from the makeshift stage, which was Spudda’s back patio.

Spudda passed away in 2016 and the jam has continued on in his honour each year since at MusicLand, his second home.

Playing it yesterday was a bit of a struggle for me actually. As I decided to play it as a dedication to Spudda, I pretty much had a tear in my eyes through the whole song and it was hard to stop myself choking while singing it.

Playing it again after so many years yesterday, reminded me once again how good the song is, so I decided to play it again in my studio at home tonight for my first Open Mic entry.

I hope you enjoy it.

"The Drugs Don't Work" By The Verve (Cover)

Thank you to @luzcypher & @pfunk for hosting Open Mic on Steemit.


Rock'N'Roll From Melbourne, Australia

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Haven't even clicked play on the video and I upvoted you, Such a moving story and also one of my favourite songs I used to sing with a friend who has since passed away. I'm hoping you do it justice ;)


never coming down! no more no more!! good job dude.


Thanks @thesimpson,
I was really hoping I've done the song justice too as i know it means a lot to many people.
Sorry to hear about your friend.
Thank you for watching and for your support.

Love this song!! Great cover. Good luck in your first week of openmic!!


Thank you for your vote @atomcollector, I thought it would be a good cover to start with too. It touches my heart every time I hear it and I hope I've done it justice with my version.

good !!

Ini lagu yang bagus, dan penampilan yang mantap kawan @hammaraxx salam untuk Besar Bodoh. Salam dari Indonesia. Sukses! 👍


Terimakasih temanku. Saya menghargai komentar anda Cinta dari Australia 💗


U'r welcome sahabat. Salam sukses selalu untuk karir musik kalian di Australia 🤘

Cool to see someone covering this song :) one of my favorites from the Urban Hymns ✌️ sorry to hear about Spudda @hammaraxx sounds like he was a true mate, may he rest in peace 👼

p.s. I would've really loved to hear the full input sound, maybe next time make an input recording so we can hear you even more clearly, just mentioning cause you have the equipment, just hit rec on the cam clap two times and sync it with audio later, others will love it I'm sure (if they cool that is 😎)

pps wicked logo buddy


Hi @ivan.atman,
Thank you for you nice comment. It's one of my favourites too. So touching.

Spudda was not only a true mate, but was one of the most thoughtful and caring people I've had the pleasure to know. He'd put everyone else first, without asking for anything in return, even when he was so sick he could hardly walk. A remarkable man and greatly missed my so many. It is an honour to be able to call him a friend.

I'm sorry about the sound quality, it was filmed using my phone and I only realised afterwards, once YouTube did what ever they do to the video after it had been uploaded, that the video settings in the phone were set to a lower quality than it is capable of.

That's a great suggestion to record the audio and use a video editor to sync it later. I'll see about doing that in the future.

Glad you like my logo (brand) as well. It's kind of become my signature and I tend to put it on everything.

Thanks again & Steem on!


There is always this one guy to be found giving to the community and gathering others around him, making everybody feel great, building scenes, by the looks of it Spudda seems to fit the description :)

You don't have to be sorry for the sound quality
@hammaraxx it ain't about that on OpenMic, I just suggested the input recording because I see you have all the gear, always best to use what you got, make it sound even better, that is, it depends on a time and will, I personally enjoy setting thing up just a bit or more if I'm given time ✌️ yeah your sigil rules, Thor's hammer, but still like an ancient language, the red really keeps it in place

Great performance. Hope we hear more from you next week.



Thank you @luzcypher,
Now that I've "popped the cherry", so to speak, I will be entering more often.
It's going to be a lot of fun to revisit some of my originals for Open Mic.
I really have to thank @steevc for giving me the inspiration to enter.

Best of luck. Love this song and love you guys. :-)


Cheers @mirasif.
Thank you for watching and for your good wishes.


Welcome. I wanna listen to more song.

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Loving this cover Thor <3 Great job buddy!


Thank you @nocrypto4oldmen,
I really enjoyed performing such a beautiful song.
Thanks for watching, glad you liked it.


I will be keeping my eye on your blogs bud, Love your voice and the way you can play heavy and chilled :)

I got around to taking a few shots of my acoustic.

Keep on rocking Thor!

I am to love this song, amazing


I love the song too @taufiqquddin.
Thank you for watching. 👍

That's a cool studio you have. Not often we get an open mic entry with smoke. Was your amp on fire?


ha ha I was at the controls of the smoke machine.
I was hoping it was going to create a bit more atmosphere


Cheers mate.
I have a few 'toys' in the studio to help lift the vibe in the room. So it feels like 'music' and not just a room in the house.
Next time, I'll make sure the mirror ball is working and the spotlight is actually aiming at it too. LOL
The amp is OK.
Rock on!


I've been sorting out my office/studio. I'll try to do a song soon


Cool as!
I've enjoyed your entries in the past.
Looking forward to your next one too.

A very touching song.
For a great man.
Had me in tears while we were recording it.
You did a fantastic job.


Thank you for operating the camera @lavender.


No problem any time maybe one week we can do a baby song.xxoo


Yeah, Baby Animals.
I'll play guitar and you can sing it. :)

Dang, dude - talk about setting the stage for your maiden entry - wow! You serving drinks there too? haha :-) Seriously, good entry, brother - and welcome to Open-Mic, mate!


Cheers @passion-ground,
Thank you for the welcome, I don't know why I put off entering for so long...
Yes to the drinks...
When you get to Melbourne, give us a shout, you're welcome to come along for a few and a jam any time :)
🎤 🎸

love this song. thanks big for performing it for us. well done