Steemit Openmic Week 86 - Perfect -Ed Sheeran (cover)

in #openmic3 years ago

Noriko and I finally got to sing together!

Hey, people! It's been a long time since my last Openmic entry. The reason why I've been off for singing for like 3 months already is because I was really sick I could barely talk. Although I feel like I'm still recovering, Noriko (@najp) and I got together last saturday and we wanted to sing this song for a long time, so, we couldn't wait our voices to get completely healthy to sing and we did this!

This is like our signature song xD we love it so much
Hope you like this! And I promise you'll see more from me very soon, now that I can get back singing. I've been working on new tunes, writing and producing, and I can't wait to make some new Openmic entries and share them with ya'll, guys.

Contest Link:

Thanks to: @luzcypher and @pfunk for setting this AMAZING music contest every week! And also, a very special thanks to: @krystle, @verbal-d, @passion-ground, @meno, @soundlegion & @tcpolymath!

Thank you for watching
¡Nos leemos!
Y nos escuchamos


When a song moves me, I know that I'm listening a great performance .
I cried,
well done.

Me conmovió... simplemente HERMOSO!

Te adoro baby! :* (^^) Gracias por esto.

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So glad you're back and introduced us to Noriko too. Great performance!

O gurrrl, that's why you are my she idol (: