Steemit Open Mic Week 131: Cover "Love Is A Rose"

in #openmic3 years ago (edited)

Here is my entry for this week's Open Mic - THANK YOU to everyone who keeps this going! Don't forget to pop over here and giver your favorite entry an upvote!

I finally knuckled down and figured out some basic features on my Audacity software (thanks to @mariannewest for turning me on to that free and nearly idiot proof software!) It was an awful lot of fun... maybe too much fun... lol! But yes, every layer of this is me - momma can sing bass if she wants!

I wanted to put together clips of me doing each part, but getting everything edited together smoothly was a little over my head. I got it pretty close, but reached a point where trying to add another video clip was just going to make the audio more out of sync so I quit while I was ahead... or behind, or something.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Monday!!!


Nice! I love how much fun you are having here. From my perspective you #nailedit girl! Great awesome work here @fishyculture! Right on! Best of luck in the contest 🌹

Well, thanks so much you sweet talker, you!!

I didn't have time to watch you this morning! You are so talented!! And you sure got the editing down!

Lol! You are too kind! I am getting better at least!

Glad that you are enjoying it 😀

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You are a Rose.


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