Steemit Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Week 6 - Pesanan Spesial

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Hello my friends!
On this occasion, I want to put my first original song into the openmic songwriters of the 1st week of challenge, sponsored by @meno.

This is the first time I made it myself, in the process of making it takes hard work, spirit, and my sleeping time. 😑😪

But I am quite joined with my work, because this song is my full possession without any help
This song I titled in accordance with the theme of this week "SPECIAL ORDER".

this song tells of someone who is hoping for something very happy in the future, where the spessial order will come, and will be waiting for him, because someday this cries will bring happiness in

thanks to @luzcypher and @meno who have made this contes, this is the first song of my creation.

the lyrics are there

I'm waiting for something beautiful
Whatever it is I wait ..
I'm sure something special is there
When the saturation comes, I want to turn it into a happy one
When tears flow, I want to turn it into a happy tear

Love will come properly
Be yourself as you are
Because what you planted that you picked
Do not get discouraged because someday you'll get ..
Be patient……
Your special order will come
Do not be discouraged that order will come

Because something will be beautiful in its time
The special order will come
Be patient...
Be patient ...

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Your welcomm @luzcyphher

Hayo krol,,,Hana i vote


Kaleuh i vote wkkwkw