Steemit Open Mic Week 86 - Vals Para Dos (Waltz for two) ORIGINAL SONG BY FELIX FARFAN

in openmic •  last year 

Dear Steemit friends: 

The following video is my participation in the Open Mic Week 86.

In this opportunity  I'm showing you a original song entitled Vals para dos (Waltz for two) along to my buddy José Santeliz on the mandolin. 



Special thanks to @Luzcypher and @Pfunk for this project that allows us to show and promote our musical work. 

IG: @felixjfarfan | FB: Felix Farfan  

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Excelente composición hermano, suena muy bella. Te felicito!

Graacias bro

El fifi tocando su creación fino fino jaj

suena muy bien la guitarra, que instrumento es el otro? que por cierto suena excelente tambien.

Excellent composition and performance, gentlemen! Bravo!

Thank you!!

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Great composition and great playing gentlemen. Very nice.

Thank you!