Steemit Open Mic Week 71:"All Of Me"

in openmic •  10 months ago

Back to the game Steemians! Here's my entry to Steemit Open Mic Week #71 contest hosted by @luzcypher & @pfunk. Thanks to the great guys for this opportunity showcasing our talents. More power!


Thank you for watching!

It's been always fun joining one of the biggest and known open mic competition in this platform so the big guys deserved to be thank. We really appreciate your time and effort spent with this game. More power and God bless.

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Hi Everyone!

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ayaw paspasa mn kaau nmu lagi dong ako wla pako kagama lyrics hahaha


Hahaha nguha lang lge kog lyrics dong @g10a kay budlay kayu ning gagitara gakanta pa haha... may ta tug ikaw nlng gkantan ba kay pasencond voice lng ko...


Thank you too sir @luzcypher for this opportunities... i am much enjoyed playing here...

Maayo unta master sad ko moguitar sayang hehe


Hahaha patudlo lng dong @g10a sir @long888 layo ng ng usa ka semana mangtas nka ana...


wa man tawon ko gitudoan oy kita na siya nagkalisod nako ug guitar hehe


kani ulog-ulog namn ni dong., hahahha