steemit - openmic week 100 - @edmundocentenor - Canon en Re Mayor - Johann Pachelbel.

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Hola, amigos de steemit, openmic en su semana número 100.
Quería antes que nada felicitar a los organizadores de este prestigioso concurso, @pfunk y @luzcypher, y todo su equipo, por arribar al evento Número 100, y ademas agradecerles por permitirnos participar y hacer que nuestro trabajo musical, sea escuchado y valorado semana tras semana.
En esta oportunidad les ejecutare el famoso canon en D, o como se le conoce originalmente: canon y giga en Re Mayor para tres violines y bajo continuo, del músico alemán perteneciente al periodo Barroco Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706), les tocare una adaptación que hice para piano, del arreglo de Jim Paterson, espero sea de su agrado.
(Escogí esta bella composición para celebrar el openmic número 100)
Les mostrare una versión un poco mas larga con violines y piano publicada en youtube el 23 Marzo de 2016

Hello, friends of steemit, openmic in its 100th week.
I wanted to congratulate the organizers of this prestigious contest, @pfunk and @luzcypher, and all their team, for arriving at the event number 100, and also thank you for allowing us to participate and make our music work heard and valued week after week.
On this occasion I will play the famous canon in D, or as it is originally known: canon and giga in D Major for three violins and basso continuo, by the German musician belonging to the Baroque period Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706), they will have an adaptation I did for piano, from Jim Paterson's arrangement, I hope you like it.
(I chose this beautiful composition to celebrate the 100th openmic)

I will show you a slightly longer version with violins and piano published on youtube on March 23, 2016


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Mic is a little bit far like my account's last part :D , but the performance was cool! :D I always like Canon.

Thanks very much @davidfar!

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excelente tema musical maestro

Gracias mi hermano @betzaelcorvo!