🎶 Steemit Open Mic week 70 - Original Song "What if?"

in openmic •  10 months ago

So very happy that I was able to enter Week 70 Open Mic with an original song of mine "What If?

You never know
When to say yes
When everything happens at the wrong time
You think you're making the right choice
And then you realise you made a mistake

What if I'd had said yes then?
And what if I'd accepted him?

You are everything I've ever wanted yeah
I'm going crazy for you and you don't even know
I should have loved you when you said you loved me

I'm falling for you and I'm crawling for you
And you just sit there and stare at me
I'm waiting for you. I'm changing for you

  • I have have been kept so busy since leaving London and the first opportunity I had a little bit of free downtime I rushed off to find a guitar shop in Las Vegas

And here is the beauty - a most gorgeous little instrument for travelling. Oh, what a lifesaver

A baby Taylor

Read a lovely post from @Krystle - one of the judges this morning.


Since songwriting is my passion, I will definitely be joining the next songwriters challenge that comes up. Thanks for inspiring so many musicians on this platform.

Looking forward to uploading my music to the new platform Viewly which should be up and running in the near future

Thank you to @pandamama for the inspiration to start these openmic entries.
A big thanks to @velimir for doing awesome blogs that have inspired people like me!
Also learned from him about @gavvet a fellow South African - follow for varied and interesting posts
Thank you to @starkerz and @stephenkendal for the hard work you do on @promo-steem and on keeping Steemit >alive and interesting >and for the continued support

A big thank you to @luzcypher, @pfunk (yes, I voted for you on instructions from @passion-ground) - thanks also to @soundlegion @krystle @verbal-d and @passion-ground for taking the time to judge.

Enjoy - thanks for listening.


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Love It Thanks For Sharing! I like how you put in the words in the post, so we can follow along. I love the changes in volume here and there, I think you call it crescendo in music language. Following YOU!!!


Thank you for the wonderful comments @pjcswart - busy posting week 71 as we speak called Before you Speak - following you back


As we speak or before we speak? Or after we speak? LOL


So After We Speak I can listen to Before You Speak which you are posting As We Speak?

Thank you for entering Eden - look forward to your posts on your travels - appreciate your sharing the blogs and love following what you are doing


Thanks @pandamama will try not to let you down - and no matter how busy we get we will make the time to enter


Nice comment, I agree, I see you are a BNB host thats awesome, following you!

Nice song @edenmichelle and a super guitar - I want one


and you really should have one @leelektrik - an absolute pleasure to play and to carry around - a must in today's busy age


Me Too LOL, nice comment following you!

Beautiful song and an awesome performance @edenmichelle. Glad you picked up a guitar for travelling also! (and a really nice one at that)


Yeah - it's a super guitar Jack - should've had one a long time ago @jacklimberis

Lovely words, nice sound on the new strings @edenmichelle


Thanks again for your support @joanstewart - the new guitar is awesome

great song and awesome guitar. sounding fantastic. really loving all your bringing Eden.


I agree, great comment, following you!


Please try to contact me @soundlegion - we are in California for a few days - thanks for the comment - appreciate it

Nice one, Lovely Full Guitar Tone!


Thank you so much @awgbibb - busy uploading week 71 now

My daughter has GOT to see this. I've been encouraging her to come out of her room and share her talent. Musicians like you are a great encouragement to others. Great work. Upvote and follow to the moon!


Thank you @oneazania - how old is your daughter? Thank you for the upvote and follow

what a lovely heart-felt track, and that guitar has a beautiful tone. great stuff.


Thank you @kryptoe - busy uploading one for week 71 now - appreciate your comments

Loving the acoustic vibe :)

Beautiful song. I'm glad to see you're receiving such wonderful support. It is well deserved.


Thanks @therneau - so good to be supported by fellow South Africans

Lovely song, Eden! That new guitar sure looks nice too... :-)


The guitar is amazing @passion-ground - always wanted one of these babies. Thank you for your positive comment - one from my early song writing


I agree it looks great! Nice positive comment, following you @passion-ground!

You are now my new best friend :D I love the song and that guitar sounds so amazing :D


Aw thanks @dragonslayer101 - I like being someone's new best friend. I have followed you - thanks for the comment

Nice song and performance.



Thank you @Luzcypher always great to have a positive comment from you

Beautiful, such a great song. Would be a perfect song for like a teeny-bopper pop band, and that's a huge compliment... making pop-rock ballads that can really cross that divide is a lot harder than people think.

As always, would love to see you with a band, so great. Keep up the great work!


Thanks @jamesgetsit - I have played with a band many times


Gotta post some of that if you have any recordings of it, so dope!


Sorry, I'm recovering voting power :)

Very beautiful music. I have followed you

Great song @edenmichelle and great lyrics


Thanks Lizz