Steemit Open Mic Week 105 - The Line (Jam)

in openmic •  last year 

For my entry this week i played over this nice hard rock backing track called The Line.


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Very well performed music, sounds like you are doing it for a while. I love guitar in general and e-guitar in particular due to that unique sound, also I love the solo played by e-guitar. Wish you a lot of success!

Thanks my friend!

Hi dreamrafa,

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Are you playing in a band?

This is a great piece! This was my favorite kind of music when I was at the university. My best friends were guys with long hair, going to concerts and sleeping until lunchtime :) (not saying that you're like this, but your music reminds me of them)

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks!, you can check out my original music band at @echoes :) .... I also play with many cover bands and different projects :D


Thanks my friend! lml

Oh yeah!
Rock 'n roll Rafael!

Pretty awesome and very clear and accurate notes and tune.
Do you also play bass Rafael?

Thanks my friend!, yes i also play the bass although my main instrument is guitar :)

That's great!
And you sing as well right?

I had a friend that played a guitar like you but don't really want to sing, but I guess its very seldom, mostly they sing but not really that good enough.

Bravisiiiimoooo Rafaaa!!! 0/

Gracias @yetxuni :)

Nice jam. Keep it up.

Thanks man!

Rip-roaring Jam brother...

Brutal hermano, felicidades

This jam is insane! Power to you brother!

You are the top dog with the guitar broooo @dreamrafa,

I have added you to my Official Judge's Top List for Open Mic's Week 105.
Please check out the full review here.

Wow man thanks!, always an honor being on your top list!

You're most welcome bro, you earn the honour every time