Steemit Open Mic Week 103 -No tiene sentido- @donlucho

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Hola [email protected] de OpenMic, aquí les dejo mi primera participación en esta gran vitrina, fue realizada en una visita que tuve q hacer a mi país para sellar el pasaporte, aproveche la ocasión para visitar a mi familia y amistades entre les cuales se encuentran @Mayneth así como su hermano @maycorjerjes18 quienes me incentivaron a publicar en este gran concurso y junto a @Rodrigo98 me acompañan en este video.
Esta es una hermosa canción del Colombiano Andrés Cepeda que es un poema de despedida para un amor. Cuando nos damos cuenta que ya no tiene sentido estar con alguien y solo nos queda llenarnos de fuerza a pesar de los recuerdos y lo vivido, dice así
Estoy pensando que no tiene sentido
volver a encontrarme de nuevo contigo
estoy pensando que me doy por vencido
que todo se acaba mas yo no he entendido

y pido a Dios que me colme de fuerzas
de pura grandeza
de armas y don, de valor y destreza
para entender que no tiene sentido
volver a encontrarme de nuevo contigo

estoy tratando quizas de olvidar
diciembre que no, agosto que igual
te he preguntado si algo paso
y nadie quedo para contestar

y pido a Dios que me alivie el dolor
de tanta ilucion
que crecio con un sueño que hoy sigue viviendo conmigo
duele aceptar que no tengo motivos
ni tengo razones para estar con tigo

y pido a Dios que me colme de fuerzas
de pura grandeza
de armas y don de valor y destreza

Espero que les guste y me apoyen.

Hello OpenMic Friends, here I leave my first participation in this large showcase, was made in a visit I had to do to my country to stamp the passport, take the opportunity to visit my family and friends among them are @Mayneth as well as her brother @ maycorjerjes18 who encouraged me to publish in this great contest and with @ Rodrigo98 accompany me in this video.
This is a beautiful song by Colombian Andrés Cepeda that is a farewell poem for a love. When we realize that it no longer makes sense to be with someone and we only have to fill up with strength despite the memories and experience, he says so
I'm thinking that it does not make sense
to meet again with you
I'm thinking that I give up
that everything is over but I have not understood

and I ask God to fill me with strength
of pure greatness
of arms and gift, of courage and dexterity
to understand that it does not make sense
to meet again with you

I'm trying to maybe forget
December not, August that same
I asked you if something happened
and nobody was left to answer

and I ask God to relieve my pain
of so much illusion
that I grew up with a dream that today continues to live with me
it hurts to accept that I have no reason
I have no reason to be with you

and I ask God to fill me with strength
of pure greatness
of weapons and gift of courage and dexterity

I hope you like and support me.

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Thank you for translate the lyric into English. You have such a good team which can brought out your voice and the song. I love the beat of the drum, is it a drum? Your team also played the guitar well. It compliment your voice and song. All the best in the contest.


Thank you very much for the support and for the comment.
realmento the boys are great @mayneth does wonders with the guitar playing the melodies and with his student @ rodrigo98 makes some wonderful harmonics for my guitar together create an acoustic acoustic, with the accompaniment in the pescusion of @ maycorjerjes18 in the bongo, who try to enhance the rhythms of the bolero in a simple but dynamic, the truth is that I am very happy with the result and I hope to continue publishing and please them to enjoy their support and comments that fill my soul ...


yes, the melodies was very nice. Your really have a great team. Please do publish more for us to enjoy.

Hi donlucho,

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thank you very much for my first vote curie I hope to reach many more, count on your support is very rewarding, they have in me a faithful and grateful follower ....

@donlucho It's a good thing you were encouraged with this song to enter the contest accompanied by your friends with their guitars and beautiful melodies. I love all the lyrics of the songs of the master Andrés Cepeda. Good choice of song. Your voice is also sweet and very pretty. Listening to you was wonderful and romantic. Successes with your presentation in this beautiful contest.


Yes, I am very happy to have participated, because I have already won with the simple fact of feeling supported ...
Thank you very much for your comment. I hope to continue publishing for your liking ...

Qué bueno que te incentivaron a participar, eres muy talentoso, y este concurso busca justamente eso, ya había tenido la oportunidad de escuchar al Sr. @mayneth que por cierto es bendecido con un gran talento al igual que ustedes. Me ha encantado su interpretación sonaron muy bien juntos.. Felicidades por su primer voto curie..!! Un abrazo @donlucho


ciertamente me siento muy feliz de contar con el apoyo de personas tan geniales como tu, es un gusto tremendo hacer musica acompañado de personas tan talentosas como @mayneth su hermano @maycorjerjes18 y @rodrigo98 quienes son mis amigos y les deseo muhos exitos y bendiciones al igual que a ti.... un abrazo...

nice band music


Thanks for the support



Excelente presentación amigos, saludos :)


muchas gracias por el comentario y por el apoyo....

saludos exitos y bendiciones

@donlucho muy hermosa la música, me gusto como trabajaron en conjunto muy coordinados me alegro por ver este vídeo me lleno el alma escucharlos para tu ser tu primera entrada si que tienen talento @neymarth10 mucho amor y fe

@donlucho very beautiful music, I liked how they worked together very coordinated I'm glad to see this video I fill my soul to hear them for you to be your first entry if they have talent @neymarth10 much love and faith


gracias a ti por tu hermoso comentario, sentir el apoyo de personas como tu es lo mas gratificante de esta hermosa plataforma, espero seguir llegando a los corazones por medio de el steemit


para eso estamos @donlucho para ayudarnos los uno con los otro dígame ami que me gusta cantar demás ando en perfeccionar mi voy y me gusto mucho lo que hicieron mucho amor y paz para el cuerpo @neymarth10



gracias hermano por el apoyo....

exitos y bendiciones....



muchas gracias por este hermoso concurso.......
te deseo muchas bendiciones y exitos.....

que trabajo en equipo tan bonito! felicidades! :)


muchas gracias.... la verdad es que es un honor y un privilegio contar con un equipo tan talentoso.....

bendiciones y exitos para los muchachos y tambien para Ti por apoyarnos.

It is a beautiful song indeed but quite sad too knowing this:

When we realize that it no longer makes sense to be with someone and we only have to fill up with strength despite the memories and experience

But sometimes, it just makes more sense to not be together.
Thank you @donlucho. You sang it beautifully together with your lovely band. It is such great fun to play music together :)


really sad, but a song is not summarized in a letter also in its melody and in that it does not transmit us ....
Thank you very much for the support and for the comment, I hope to continue counting on you for future publications ....
I wish you success and blessings


That is true. We just need to remember to be thankful and to always cherish the times we have with the ones we love all the time for as long as we are able to. Thank you @donlucho. A happy Sunday to you :)

I'm glad you decided to enter the contest. I don't speak Spanish but I understand a lot and this is a great song with great lyrics. Good luck with the contest and hope to see more from you!


thank you very much for your support and comment, really the lyrics of the song is very beautiful despite the sadness, but life sometimes gives us sad moments, which make us value even happier and I think the songs are like that, just That of their melodies also transmit joy or sadness, the importance of music for me is to transmit, and I believe that with the help of my friends the goal was achieved, I hope to continue doing it in future publications to have the support of people like yours , thank you very much


I agree, feelings have to be transmitted via songs, no matter if sad or happy. There's room for both! You're right, sad moments make us value happiness even more. Sad songs are beautiful as well.
I'm glad to hear you're going to continue to create music, keep it up ;)

Absolutely beautiful. The four of you sound like you've been playing together forever! A great choice of a song. Your voice suits it perfectly...and the soloist is masterful! You should corral these guys and make a record. You really should. Thank you for sharing this!