Steemit Open Mic Week 100 - Imagine by John Lennon - Cover

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Dear music lovers

This is my contribution to this week's open mic.

I remember listening to this song for the first time when I was just a kid. This is my cover of Imagine by John Lennon.
Please visit, you wish to know more about this song.
I hope you like my rendition.

A big thank you to @luzcypher, @pfunk, all the judges for organising such a great music event and other sponsors for their support.

How to enter:


One of his most special songs. When Paul McCarthy and Yoko Ono sold all The Beatles song catalog to Michael Jackson, this is the one song that Yoko would not sell.


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Thank you for the comment. It's definitely a special song.

Made me cry. Resteemed this I love it so much what you've done here. Thanks so much for sharing. <3

Thank you for the beautiful comment! I'm glad you like it.

@donatello I love the theme you chose dear friend is very beautiful 💕. You played it 🎸 and sang it 🎤 with incredible delicacy. I liked your performance. Great entrance with an excellent song accompanied by your guitar. Best of luck at the contest, buddy. Happy afternoon.

@donatello Me encanta el tema que escogiste querido amigo es muy hermoso 💕. Lo tocaste 🎸 y cantaste 🎤 con una delicadeza increible. Me gustó tu interpretación. Genial tu entrada con una excelente canción acompañada por tu guitarra. Mucha suerte en el concurso amigo. Feliz tarde.

Thank you for watching! I'm glad you like it.

Thank you so much!

I really love that song... and you made it justice!! :)

Thank you for watching!

you are definitely one of the best in steemit, sharing so much energy and positivism

Thank you for being so nice with your comment!

nice music
thank you for sharing