Steemit Open Mic Week 56 - The Hills (Cover)

in #openmic6 years ago

So this past Saturday we had a show and decided to have a little acoustic jam afterwards at home and it was as good a time as any it seemed to record a song for OPENMIC. First one in a long time



I wish I could hear your song but it is not playing. I have noticed that every Open Mic entry hosted on DTube does not play or if it does stops every 3 seconds so it is hard to hear the song. Today your entry is not even beginning so I cannot here it. Try loading it to YouTube.

Cool will do, it's so sad actually as we are trying to engage with the dtube platform more but it has quite a bit of issue's still.

I would love to support them too but I'm having trouble hearing all songs posted to it.

Sounds great.

wow... @dewallenband
you good... keep it up... we need more of such here...

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