Steemit Open Mic Week 99 - Nirvana - Territorial Pissings (Cover) - @DavidFar - Davood Faramarzi - (Grunge)

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This is my Entry for Openmic's Week 99, This is one of my favorite songs from Nirvana, I did it in my own way, and some changes for the ending part of the song, I tried to act like a live show and connecting with the audiences (for example), I hope you guys like it, I have memories of Nirvana's songs, this is why I love grunge music so much :D , Its something which I lived with it.

Thanks Openmic's Team and Sponsors! <3

Here we go :

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Peace & Love!!


Good job bro <3

:) Thank you so much Brother! <3

Best Nirvana cover, hands down!!! Love it! Grunge is my all time fav type of music as well. I was in my teens, going through everything you could think of, and grunge was there to fuel my angst. ;)

oh :D that's awesome \m/ Love grunge, Grunge saved me in my hard days of life :D , was a cure and a drug to make me feel good when everything was bad and made me release my anger with it.

YES!!! Exactly! ;)

Sounded great Davood, I love seeing you play, always!

Good luck in the #openmic!

<33 , Thank you so much :d, hope to hear more from you and Brendan :D

I enjoy very much the possibility of accomplishing a sound whole through guitar and voice only, mostly a grunge. I think you made it. Good to listen to! I like Nirvana but I never listened enough of them to know this one. Greetings!

Thank you so much Siomarazulay , its really your kindness! :D

That is an excellent piece of NIRVANA, YEAH !!

thanks again <3

:D , Thank you Luzcypher, you know even if I win the ticket I can't go there, the price of traveling to Europe (flight and visa(Visa takes about 1 months which I have to go to Poland Embassy in Iran and show them many evidence why am I going to go there (they will also ask me to give them much information about myself and my bank and ..., so if at the end they accept it :DDD) it will be expensive, so there is no way for me bro :) , but really thanks for all the good things you guys are doing!