Steemit Openmic Week 92 - Siavash Ghomeyshi's Actor (Bazigar) Covered by Davood Faramarzi aka (@DavidFar)

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Hi my friends, I came back with an Iranian song by Siavash Ghomeyshi which is written by Yaghma Golrooi , a great song writer, who has a critical idea in most of his lyrics, mostly against problems of society and government, and about humanity and freedom, this song which called Actor, is about how people are living under their masks while they don't want it, and they want to shout and show their real face, the one they really are, and without pressure and without forces, living in a free world, and breathing and living the way they want.

the lyrics in here is in Farsi language but in the video I typed the translation and I tried to do it well, so you guys can understand it, also in some parts its not what the lyrics exactly saying, sometimes there are words that we cant find equal, but I want to tell you guys that in Farsi language we are not like using simple words always, mostly we have meaningful words and metaphors in songs.

Lyrics :

‫اي ﺑـﺎزﻳـﮕﺮ! ﮔـﺮﻳـﻪ ﻧـﻜـﻦ، ﻣـﺎ ﻫﻤﻪ ﻣﻮن ﻣـﺜﻞ ﻫـﻤﻴﻢ

‫ﺻﺒﺤﻬﺎ ﻛﻪ از ﺧﻮاب ﭘﺎ ﻣﻴﺸﻴﻢ ﻧﻘﺎب ﺑﻪ ﺻﻮرت ﻣﻲزﻧﻴﻢ

‫ﻳﻜﻲ ﻣﻌﻠﻢ ﻣﻴـﺸﻪ و ﻳﻜﻲ ﻣﻴﺸﻪ ﺧﻮﻧﻪ ﺑﺪوش

‫ﻳﻜﻲ ﺗﺮاﻧﻪﺳﺎز ﻣﻴﺸﻪ ﻳﻜﻲ ﻣﻴﺸﻪ ﻏﺰل ﻓﺮوش

‫ﻛﻬﻨﻪ ﻧﻘﺎب زﻧﺪﮔﻲ ﺗﺎ ﺷﺐ رو ﺻﻮرﺗﻬﺎي ﻣﺎﺳﺖ

‫ﮔﺮﻳﻪﻫﺎي ﭘـﺸﺖ ﻧﻘﺎب ﻣﺜﻞ ﻫﻤﻴﺸﻪ ﺑﻲ ﺻﺪاﺳﺖ

‫ﻫﺮ ﻛﺴﻲ ﻫﺴﺘﻲ ﻳﻪ دﻓﻌﻪ ﻗـﺪ ﺑـﻜﺶ از ﭘﺸﺖ ﻧﻘﺎب

‫از رو ﻧﻮﺷﺘﻪ ﺣﺮف ﻧـﺰن، رﻫﺎ ﺷﻮ از ﺣﻴﻠﻪي ﺧﻮاب

‫ﻧـﻘﺶ ﻳـﻚ درﻳـﭽـﻪ رو رو ﻣـﻴﻠـﻪ ﻗﻔﺲ ﺑﻜﺶ

‫ﺑﺮاي ﻳﻚ ﺑﺎر ﻛﻪ ﺷﺪه ﺟﺎي ﺧﻮدت ﻧﻔﺲ ﺑﻜﺶ

‫ﻛﺎﺷﻜﻲ ﻣﻴﺸﺪ ﺗﻮ زﻧﺪﮔﻲ، ﻣﺎ ﺧﻮدﻣﻮن ﺑﺎﺷﻴﻢ و ﺑﺲ

‫ﺗـﻨـﻬﺎ ﺑـﺮاي ﻳـﻚ ﻧـﮕـﺎه، ﺣـﺘﻲ ﺑـﺮاي ﻳـﻚ ﻧﻔﺲ

‫ﺗﺎ ﻛﻲ ﺑﻪ ﺟﺎي ﺧﻮدِ ﻣﺎ ﻧﻘﺎبِ ﻣﺎ ﺣﺮف ﺑﺰﻧﻪ؟

‫ﺗﺎ ﻛﻲ ﺳﻜـﻮﺗـﻮ ر‪ج زدن ﻧﻘﺶﻧﻤﺎﻳﺶ ﻣﻨﻪ؟

ﻫﺮ ﻛﺴﻲ ﻫﺴﺘﻲ ﻳﻪ دﻓﻌﻪ ﻗـﺪ ﺑـﻜﺶ از ﭘﺸﺖ ﻧﻘﺎب

‫از رو ﻧﻮﺷﺘﻪ ﺣﺮف ﻧـﺰن، رﻫﺎ ﺷﻮ از ﺣﻴﻠﻪي ﺧﻮاب

‫ﻧـﻘﺶ ﻳـﻚ درﻳـﭽـﻪ رو رو ﻣـﻴﻠـﻪ ﻗﻔﺲ ﺑﻜﺶ

‫ﺑﺮاي ﻳﻚ ﺑﺎر ﻛﻪ ﺷﺪه ﺟﺎي ﺧﻮدت ﻧﻔﺲ ﺑﻜﺶ

‫ﻣﻲ ﺧﻮام ﻫﻤﻴﻦ ﺗﺮاﻧﻪ رو، رو ﺻﺤﻨﻪ ﻓﺮﻳﺎد ﺑﺰﻧﻢ

‫ﻧـﻘـﺎﺑـﻤﻮ ﭘـﺎره ﻛـﻨـﻢ، ﺟـﺎي ﺧـﻮدم داد ﺑﺰﻧﻢ

Thanks Openmic Team and Thanks sponsors of Openmic <3

Peace & Love guys!

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Thank you for your own native language writing, and the description of circumstances.

Its a pleasure, thank you man, glad you liked it.

Hey Davood, Buddy. well, what can I say?This stopped me in my tracks. What an impressive performance. I agree with other comments that its so wonderful to hear you sing in your native tongue. Pitch-perfect and a lovely soft reverb that really suits this great song. GOOD LUCK!!!!

hey Deon, my friend :D , Thank you so much, really it means much to me, thanks for all the kind words :)) peace!!

David this is so good!!! Wow ! I enjoyed it so much, well done

Thank you brother, its really your kindness :)

very good brother

Thank you so much Bonnie Legion, its really great <3

Great job Davood, I love hearing you sing in your native language xo

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you so much Lyndsay, It means much to me! :D <3

Been a while since we've seen you too. How have you been? Miss your music.

Hendrix22 and I definitely need to get our shit together and join the fun again soon, we are well and thoroughly enjoying this beautiful summer. I hope you're having a great one too. Thanks for writing Luzcy!

Once again, a great song, David. Thank you for the beautiful music you create. Upvoted!

Thank you so much Mr Terrybrock, its your kindness man :D

Siavash Ghomeyshi...known as the father of trance music in Iran. That's pretty neat. Reading about them both. You played it well. I like that you added the lyrics.

<3 Thank you so much, thanks for searching about them, its your kindness!

Been a while since we've seen you. Welcome back. We missed you.

Thank you luzcypher, its an honor, thanks for all the kind works you and the team doing <3

Hey buddy... you nailed it

Thank you so much my friend :D

That's really so amazing and interesting that you're done and really that's great lyrics..

Thanks abontika, its your kindness