Steemit Open Mic week 88 - Original Song - 'Breathe' by Darren Claxton

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Hello Open Mic World and welcome to another week of amazing Steemian music!

Here's an Alfresco live version of my new track 'BREATHE' for this week's Open Mic contest courtesy of @luzcypher and the @openmic team.

What inspired me to write this? well, I was thinking (I do a lot of that) about all the stupid mistakes that I've made in life, and wouldn't want my children to follow in my footsteps. I gave them breath in their bodies, but I don't need it back. they walk the footsteps that I make, just don't follow me, take a ride upon a wing, just don't look down on me. I never thought of myself as a poet, but reading back those words really stirred some emotive thoughts in me.

I hope you enjoy this little song and many kind thanks for your support everyone!

@surpassinggoogle Terry! This is the song I performed on your show last night/morning/afternoon - depending on our time travelling timezones!
Cheers again mate it was a blast!

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Wow wow wow
This is amazing. The lyrics, the way you play the strings, the context of the song and the way you sang the song, they are all amazing. What you are trying to say to your children could have been written in thousands of words bt instead you chose to say it all with just three minutes and few seconds song. That is great and astonishing I must say and I think I've been missing great songs with great context all this while but not anymore. I'll be watching out for your other releases from now on. I can't afford to miss them anymore.

Hey! Thanks for the compliment and for listening so intently to the lyrics. The power of music and lyrics, has such a beautiful way of communicating with one another. This simplistic little song delivers some really poignant messages.
Thanks for connecting with my music.
Have fun checking out my other posts.

You're always welcome boss. Truly, you've proved it to everybody that the power of music and lyrics cannot be undermined especially when it comes to communication and it's crystal clear that your song contains little but touching and impressive information. It's too stunning to be ignored. And thanks for the upvote boss

Love it. The choice of ambient, the angle, the hat, the shades and of course the song.
It all fits so perfectly together. When ever i check out anything you create im always in for a treat. ;)

Hey lady! Thank you thank you kindly!
I do like to entertain whenever I can! I'm glad you liked my new song and attire! Love that hat!

So good!! Thanks for posting :)

Hey stranger! Thanks so much for dropping in for a listen!
I hope you're well?


very beautiful you sing and play the guitar very well. I loved.
Forgive my English I do not speak it.

Thank you for your lovely comment!
I really appreciate it and your English is fine!!

Thank you very much for understanding. You have talent, you are very good.
I sing too but you do it better haha!

I love music. Beautiful keep up

that amazing @darrenclaxton. upvoted and resteemed.

Cheers boss!
I really appreciate the love mate!

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That's amazing!!!
Cheers for the support!!!

That was a beautiful sing song , I learned the words already, got me walking around the house singing it.

Oh, that fills my musical heart with joy!
Sing along! Sing along!
Breathe the air I give to you!


Wow..the music original , i like

Dude, this is really amazing! I always enjoy your songs, but this has a special connotation for me. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing it man. What a lyrics, really, music is like magic, and it touch our soul, with this message I'm sure that many people is going to be identified.

If you have time please check my performance in this week, although it is in Spanish I hope that you enjoy it.

Respects man.

Manu Rodriguez.

Thanks for checking out my OM post man!
I wish you the best of luck!

beautiful your interpretation, beautiful the melody, you hear relaxing, you sing very beautiful. regards

Thanks so much for listening to my new song! It's becoming one of my favourites that I've written.
Cheers again

Wow beautiful song! The guitar sound .. Greettings from venezuela. @darrenclaxton

Greetings my friend and thank you for listening to my music!

Brother - you are ON FIRE, mate! The birds singing alongside you in the garden were simply the icing on the cake!

Hey brother Pash! They were sing backing vox I think! What a gorgeous moment it was!
Cheers again for the support man!
🍻 🎶 🎤 🎸

It's a really beautiful song, mate.
I hope you win.
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

:) Wonderful every time