Steemit Open Mic Week # 105 - This Love by Maroon 5

in openmic •  8 months ago 

Hi Friends,

It has been a hot minute since I posted a music cover on my page. I was definitely in the mood to jam while enjoying tonight's sunset - and so I decide to record an open mic entry for this week!

I am still in awe of my new apartment and that I get to live here and experience these sunsets. It definitely seems to be putting me in a more creative mood lately.

This is my first open mic entry since winning the Open Mic and Blocktrades SteemFest Giveaway and I just have to say one more time how completely honored and excited I am to have won that ticket. I promise to make Open Mic and Blocktrades proud while I'm there. <3

Love you guys to the moon and I hope you enjoy this cover. I've also been working on some broadway stuff on the piano lately - so hopefully I'll be able to share that with you all soon too.

Big love!!

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Thanks luzcypher!

Only a few short weeks until we get to meeeeet!

I was so sick of that song until 3.5 mins ago. Just lovely.
Did you wait for sunset, or did it just happen that way?


Aww thanks Matt. ♥️

It just kind of worked out that way. I ended up canceling my plans tonight to get a few things done, and then had some free time later on. :-)

beautiful cover! Wish you could have been at the last Steem event in Toronto. It was awesome!


awww i SO wish I could have been there!! I would love to hang with the @steembirds and @lifesacircus again and then when I heard you were gonna be there too, I was extra jealous!

Would be awesome to meet one of these days! :)


Agreed! It would be so fun to jam out a tune. I have to go to the big Steem event in the near future.


Yeeees that would be so fun! ♥️ So I take it you aren’t going to Poland? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Steemfest next year will be on our side of the world. :-)

Hey girl! Congrats on the win! Definitely well deserved! Good to see you posting some tunes too, Great choice and I loved your version. Soulful and the piano was a nice change. Lovely as always!


aww thank you my friend!! I MISS you! Sorry it's been a while since I reached out! Wish I could have made the Idaho meetup!

Maybe one of these days when I'm not tied to a desk at work so much I'll be able to do more random trips like that. I really do wanna make it over there one of these days to meet you and the other awesome steemians in your area. :) Would be awesome to jam with you and @tonks!

That was so awesome @coruscate , great entry , best of luck in open- mic #105 , I loved it ! looking forward to some broadway stuff I really love the piano ! your apartments looking great, that scenery is beautiful! and congrats again on winning that trip to steemfest you truly deserve it ! never stop being you, and you will go far my friend! 🎵🎹🎹🎹💁💕❤


aww thanks for all of the love my friend!! <3

Ps... You really are the queen of bitmoji's! hahah this one is perfect!


Hehehe , thanks for you kind reply back , glad you like them @coruscate !👍✌💕

You are multi talented. I thought I saw you once on a ukulele and now the piano. You go girl! Nice job!


Thanks my friend! I’m so glad you enjoyed this cover. The ukulele is my other love. 😃

next song ;)


oooh i LOVE Lorde. I hadn't actually heard this song though. So pretty.


Yeah the whole Album is good.

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Great cover! Sun set serenade :)

Beautiful! I had no idea that you played the piano :D

Nice! Great voice!

nice voice nice sunset.

great voice :)


Thank you so much @cityofstars!

That's fine...

George Dance.gif