Steemit openmic week 62 Claraty (Original - Get Out The Way)

in #openmic3 years ago

Hallo! Here is a little song I wrote called "Get Out The Way" about banishing the ego and moving on with our lives :)


See I’m tryna hear the messages coming from my heart
But I got lots of voices speaking their part
Each one saying which way I should go but I want to hear the one that I truly know
Everyone’s got an opinion like an ass-hole in my soul from nightmare’s past
Got a love gun and I’m pointing at you
Oh, ego, you are going to lose


Move, get out the way
Get out the way yeah get out the way

X 4

Everything I ever needed is here
Right now in the moment and I’m feeling clear
Fear you’ve played your tricks on me but I’m finding the path where I need to be
You rely on the future or the past so staying in the present is my greatest task
Breath, body, love and care
All we really need is here when we

Move, get out the way
Get out the way yeah get out the way

X 4

I been strategizing not relying on my intuition
Playing victim out of power sitting and a bitchin
Wishing someone else would create my life
Vision without action is a way to strife
Release control breathe in let go
Release control breathe in let go
Release control breathe in let go


Move, get out the way
Get out the way yeah get out the way

X 4

100% of the time I’ve made it alive
so why do I think that this time
Everything’s gunna crash and burn
Trying to shape the way that the world turns
Everything has a way
It’s alright its okay
Bow down and we pray
Mamakilla light the way
This time we say

we got to
Move, get out the way
Get out the way yeah get out the way

X 4

It’s time that we trust….and get out the way


You have a beautiful voice. I'd love for you to come on the minnow mayor town hall radio show from 8-11 pm est on sunday nights (starts 30 min from now) and sing on the air.

Hey, thank you! I just saw your reply. I would love to come on and sing!! Shall we set up a time to chat? I appreciate the offer

OMG pure gold :3 Followed!!

This is so good, I am relistening again, and I am really blown away how good it is.

I think this is most probably my favourite song that I heard on steemit and I cannot wait for it to be recorded, as it will be a massive hit. Like a big big one. I think it can bring a lot of happiness to a lot of people:)



This is really a great song. Love the vibe. Reminiscent of Nakho a bit and I love that! Great voice too!

Great song! I love the lyrics and the way you perform it. I'll be humming this all day now.


The Lyric is impressive ! Love your voice. Want to listen more songs 😁👍

some clever lyrics , and a very nice catchy chorus :) . It just got stuck in my head :p . Cheers!

I dig this. It's got a good rhythmic feel (also in vocals) and well written lyrics ;)

you have a nice voice. it makes me wanna elope with you

keep up the good work.

I love songs of positivity!!!

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buena publicacion sigueme para que veas mi contenido

i love it!! great song my friend ahhh great stuff

Nice!, very good song and good performance, but must important, a charming personality! :)

Gorgeous voice Claraty! Can't wait to hear more 🎵

Cleverly crafted lyrics. I dig!