Steemit Open Mic 102 - "Drinking (At the End of the World)" - Original Song

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Evening, Steemsters!

Got a brand new guitar a few days ago... here's my first song on it!

I'm rusty... I know guitar people always say they're rusty, but I'm like "haven't played in ten years" rusty. I've been exclusively a ukulele man, but this guitar is just right. I think we're gonna have some great times together.

Drinking (At the End of the World)

by Chris Roberts

Pass me that bottle, I’ll lend you my ear…
There’s nothing to come back from, except for our fear.
These things that we cannot change
Have changed everything…
So now let’s remember
Remember and sing.

We’re drinking at the end of the world, and we’re falling apart.
We’re blinking through the tears that wanna drown our final days.
We’re thinking ahead, we’re gonna be dead one day, so for a start
We’re drinking… at the end… of the world.

I never been evil, I never been cruel,
I never watched Oprah, But still I’m a fool.
All the things that we never did
Don’t matter and we’re fine.
Here at the end let’s
Just drink all the wine.

We’re drinking at the end of the world and we’re looking beyond,
We’re blinking through the bright light shining where we’re meant to be,
We’re thinking What the hell? It’s just as well that somehow life goes on…
Drinking… at the end… of the world.

Thanks to especially to @Luzcypher and @Meno, but also to all the judges and contributors that continue to make Steemit #OpenMic a smashing success week after week! Even though I'm spending all my time working on #SteemMonsters, it's nice to get back to visit my #openmic friends and share a song.

HERE is this week's #openmic contest post!

Until next time... Stay Musical!

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Awe ! that was awesome @chrisroberts ! My mom who has now passed on , may she rest in peace... used to play guitar and I love it ! That brought back some very fond memories, thanks for playing, and best of luck in open mic! 👍💕🎸🎸🎸🎶🎵🎤🎤🎤


Thanks a bunch, Karen! :D
I'm not very good at replying quickly to comments like my amazing wife... nonetheless, here I am!

I'm psyched about the guitar. It was a gift from @meno, and it's really upping my musical game. I think that was his plan.

I'll bet your mom's up there jamming with a big smile on her face. :D
Thanks for all your awesome support!


Haha what a great gift, and I'm sure she is too, thanks for your kind reply!😊🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎶🎵🎼

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Noice tune, kind of wood brothers-esque. I like it ;)


Glad you like, thanks for stopping by Jay :)
I'm so psyched about this new guitar... like I said, outta my league. BTW, this was a gift from @meno, because as you know, he's the shit.

It's crazy... I had no real intention of becoming a guitar player, but this sudden generous act has brought it all back for me. When I played guitar before, it was for all the wrong reasons.

Now I love it. I've barely had time to play it since it arrived (constant #steemmonsters lore writing), but I love every moment that I get. It's so freaking fun, and it sounds so good. Sometimes I get distracted by how good a chord strum sounds and just zone out.

The craziest thing is I always struggled with guitar. Now everything's pretty easily, I'm surprisingly able to play even the toughest stretchy chords, and I've got wayyy better rhythm skills than I used to.

I'm rambling. Anyway, I'm blown away by my new guitar. I hope I can repay @meno's gift and all the support from the #openmic community with some good music at some point in the future. :)

meno upped my game.


Hahaha, that's pretty sweet dude! Clearly excited haha..

Just doing it for a while unlocks achievements and of course getting a really nice instrument to play on helps so much too! I totally know what you mean about spacing out on 1 chord ;)

Congrats on your new guitar!


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