Open Mic Week 99 - Anji - based on Bert Jansch arrangement

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Hey folks, it's been a few weeks since I submitted an entry for the Open Mic contest. It's been a busy summer. The kids started back at school yesterday so I'm hoping to get back into music and content creation with all my new camera gear!

I bought my first guitar after hearing Wizz Jones' playing this tune on a Bert Jansch documentary in 1992. Figured it was time I recorded it !

This was on a Dave White guitar that I literally picked up a few hours before recording this. Dave's a UK-based luthier and he sent this guitar out on a road trip about a year ago. My slot rolled around this weekend and I have it till mid September. It's really sweet and fun to play. It's high strung, tuned up to G.

Hope you enjoy the music!



Thanks! I'll check out the Steemfest link too - flights are booked!

This guitar really has an amazing sound. I must admit I was a bit dubious about it while you talked, before starting to play. It looked rather too small.
But it took only few notes to utterly convince me. It's a gem! Nice playing too, off course! Even the best guitar doesn't sound that good without a good player.

Yes, its size belies its tone. It's a delightful guitar to play. Thank you for stopping by. Much appreciated!

Great arrangement, guitar, and performance, Camuel!

Thank you! It's good to be back.