🎵 Steemit Open Mic Week 99 - “Good Night” (Original Song)

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Here's a lullaby, for the child at heart. It arrived in our lives two years ago, when we first started singing to our kids each night at bedtime.

The woman I sing with is @wildfamily, who has joined me here in the #openmic these past six weeks. It's been a pleasure sharing her voice with all of you. I'm grateful to sing with her.

“Good Night”

The Song

The Lyrics

Good night sweet dreams
You beautiful baby

Rest well with the stars
Little darling [child]
Mmm mmm mmm

Rest assured
Your Mother is here to hold you

Rest well knowing
Your Heavenly Father adores you [as you are]
Mmm mmm mmm

The Shepherd is here
To guard you little lamb

The Lion of Judah loves you
Peace be with you [lion cub]
Mmm mmm mmm

🌞 🌜 🌟


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such a beautiful lullaby and both your voices really compliment each other, thank you for this @cabelindsay xx

Thanks for noticing the way we compliment each other. In more ways than one, sister. Feels like a divine union to me.

ohhh :) you two are very sweet <3 i enjoyed listening this nice lullaby

Thank you @adelepazani. Hugs and high-fives to you. Thinking of the mandala circles you make is a real inspiration, btw. We're creating a songbook, with circular illustrations to represent a sunflower, an angel, a medicine wheel, and other sacred symbols.

Excellent musical theme, as always your songs reach the spirit, the internal force. Greetings friends.

Hola! Gracias, amigo. Feliz de escuchar estas canciones alcanzar el espíritu.

Happy to hear these songs reach the spirit.

beautiful song :D awesome job guys!

Thanks for seeing the beauty in this song! I checked out your blog and it looks like you're a music enthusiast, so I'm following you now. Appreciating you.

Hey man, great song, I love how passionate the two of you are about singing. :)

Thanks @guyfawkes4-20! Great to hear from you. Thank you, yes, it's one of our shared passions that we appreciate most, so naturally it's a focal point for us.

Great to hear from you as well. I always enjoyed the acoustic music a lot, and probably more nowadays than ever considering how low quality are the "popular" songs released lately.

So cute song! Greetings, guys!

Gracias! También disfruto de los sonidos que estás creando en el teclado. Buen trabajo.

Thank you! I also enjoy the sounds that you are creating on the keyboard. Good work.

So much, @cabelindsay. Greetings both of you, guys.

Loved this you guys...

Thank you. There's a bit more index finger in this one, thanks to your mention of that missing piece in previous songs. Thinking I can upgrade our audio recordings in the next few weeks too. Learning new tricks, yes!

Ha-ha! I def noticed that for sure! It just seems like if it had it's own way, it just assume stay curled up to let your other fingers do all the work. :-) Whatever comes natural - is good!
Look forward to the future upgrades too!