Steemit Openmic Week 78 ''I used to love you'' Original song by @buddhaboy

in #openmic6 years ago (edited)


Hello :-) Heres my contribution to steemit open mic week 78.
It was a great process creating this piece, its the first time I've put lyrics to one of my compositions.
Im playing on a nylon string Yamaha, tuned to DADGAD- I love the warm tones that come through with this combination.

I hope you all enjoy the listen :-)

Ps- Here's the lyrics :-)

I used to love you girl
Yeah and I used to think about you
Every day and every night
Your being used to fill my big head
Thats all gone now
And what we're left with
Are two empty hearts and two heads full of fond memories
Fond fond memories

I remember how your smile
Used to light up my heart
And i remember staring into your eyes and telling you
Telling you how much I loved you girl
Yeah I loved you girl

I remember you staring back at me
And telling me that you loved me too
Yeah you leaned forwards
And your lips brushed against my ear
And you whispered to me softly
You said, ''Baby, I love you and we're going to be together
We're going to be together forever.''

Well forever's a long time girl

Well now that forever's chewed us up and spat us out again
We've both learned a valuable lesson
Like a cloud in an empty sky
Nothing lasts forever
No nothing lasts forever
And true love is letting that cloud go free
Yeah true love is letting that cloud go free.


Some really great guitar passages here, bro... nice!

Thank you @passion-ground that means a lot to me ☺

You are a fantastic player. I love your sound.

Beautiful music man. Keep it up 💚✌️

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