Steemit open mic week 77- @buddhaboy plays quick silver (original)

in #openmic6 years ago

Here's a piece I wrote recently. Hope you all enjoy it :-)


sounded pretty awesome my friend great feel

that was ace man! whats that song about? are you by any chance ametal head? i watched it with a friend he thinks your a metal head!

Thank you 😎 Its about making mistakes, falling down and getting back up with a positive attitude. Transforming our mistakes into a lack of ignorance.

Lol I used to be a metal head, but not anymore ☺ Ive calmed down a lot, anger has dissipated so now its difficult to listen to music that sounds angry to me. Its funny that you should ask though, im assistant manager/bartender at a music venue here and we hosted a metal band last night haha.

Thats excellent man what a great subject matter to go with! Getting back up is whats important, no matter how many times you fall down! Thats so funny man, yeah im kinda the same. I used to listen to a lot of metal but now not so much but my friend that pointed it out, he listens to loads hahah! fair enough though! looking forward to your new entries and posts man!

Thanks brother, and I yours.✌

so stoked about the positive reponse here go @buddhaboy!

1 day left to vote I love this I'm voting and resteeming!

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Thanks, its such a cool venue to see all sorts of international musicians ☺

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very cool buddhaboy :D

Better than good well done bhuddaboy ☺Nice one

Beautiful and so chilled. Would be a great piece to do some mandala meditation to. 💚✌️✨

Great stuff @buddhaboy, stoked to have found you here...

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